Cambodian Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Mar 2023
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Cambodian Women, like females from any other ethnic group in Asia, have their own unique facial features and physical characteristics. These features make their appearance really unique and not like other women. In turn, personal qualities and character traits shaped mostly by Cambodian Culture make these Southeast Asian women understandable and easy-going partners in relationships.

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Cambodian women’s features, their personal characteristics and beauty standards are what you will find out as you continue reading. Whether you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of Cambodian Women, or simply appreciate their unique beauty, this article has valuable information for you.

What do Cambodian Women usually look like?

The looks and characteristics of modern Cambodian Women are shaped by Cambodian genetics. The country’s history of interactions with various ethnic groups, such as Khmer, Chinese, and Vietnamese, have resulted in a diverse genetic makeup among Cambodian Women. These genetic backgrounds are evident in physical characteristics such as dark skin, dark hair, and almond-shaped eyes. Traditional Cambodian diets and lifestyles have also played a role in shaping the appearance of modern Cambodian Women.

What do Cambodian Women usually look like?

The physical appearance of Cambodian Women is based on the following physiological parameters:

  • Height. The average height for Cambodian Women is around 5’1″ (155cm). This is slightly shorter than the global average for women. Cambodian Women tend to have a smaller frame, which contributes to their shorter height. They also tend to have a more petite build, giving them a delicate appearance.
  • Weight. The average weight for Cambodian Women is around 110lbs (50kg). This is slightly below the global average for women. Cambodian Women tend to have a leaner build, with less body fat. They also tend to have a more active lifestyle, which can contribute to their lower weight. They have a balanced diet and are conscious of their health.
  • Body Shape. The average body shape for Cambodian Women is petite. This means that they have a small frame and a delicate appearance. Cambodian Women tend to have a more streamlined figure, with less body fat. They also tend to have a more petite bust and hips, giving them a more delicate appearance. They have a delicate yet toned body due to their active lifestyle and balanced diet.

Physical characteristics of typical Cambodian Woman:

Average Weight50 kg (110 lbs)
Average Height155 cm (5’1″)
Body shapeHourglass

What are typical Cambodian Women’s facial features?

Cambodian Women have a set of unique facial features that distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Asia:

  • Hair color among Cambodian women varies, with black being the most common. However, it is not uncommon to find shades of dark brown or even auburn among the population. Cambodian women often have naturally straight hair with a silky texture. Some Cambodian women have natural waves and curls, which they often maintain with regular hair treatments or styling.
  • Eye shape among Cambodian women is often almond-shaped, giving them a distinct and exotic appearance. The most common eye color among Cambodian women is brown, but it is also not uncommon to find green or hazel eyes. Cambodian women often have long and thick lashes, which can make their eyes appear larger and more striking.
  • The nose shape of Cambodian women is typically small and delicate, with a refined structure. The bridge of the nose is often slightly raised, giving a subtle prominence to the feature. This, along with high cheekbones, creates a harmonious balance on the face.
  • Jaw shape among Cambodian women is often defined, with a slight angular structure. This can give them a strong and confident appearance. The jawline is often narrow and tapered, giving the face a delicate and feminine appearance.
  • Skin tone among Cambodian women varies, with complexions ranging from fair to dark. The warm climate in Cambodia is known to give the skin a healthy and radiant glow. Cambodian women often take great care of their skin, using natural ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera to maintain a smooth and youthful appearance.
  • Lip shape among Cambodian women is typically full and plump, with a natural pout that can be both alluring and sensual. The lips of Cambodian women are often dark, a result of their natural pigmentation. Many Cambodian women are known to accentuate their lips with bold and bright lipstick shades.
  • Eyebrow shape among Cambodian women is often arched, giving them a confident and assertive look. The brows of Cambodian women are typically dark and thick, with a natural shape that is both defined and feminine. Many Cambodian women are known to shape and groom their eyebrows, accentuating their natural beauty.

Facial features of typical Cambodian Woman:

Face shapeOval
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
Skin toneLight
Lip shapeFull
Jawline shapeSharp
Nose shapeSmall
Eyebrow shapeArched
Forehead shapeHigh

What are the characteristics of Cambodian Women?

Family background plays a crucial role in shaping the character traits of a modern Cambodian woman. The traditional Cambodian culture places a strong emphasis on filial piety and respect for elders, which can influence a woman’s sense of responsibility and duty towards her family.

The role of women in Cambodian society, particularly in terms of marriage and child-rearing, can also shape a woman’s character traits. Furthermore, the impact of the Khmer Rouge regime and the resulting societal changes can also play a role in shaping the character traits of Cambodian women.

The personality traits of a typical Cambodian woman that determine the way she communicates and interacts with people around her:

  • Cambodian women are known for their creative abilities, which often manifest in their artistic pursuits, such as music, dance, and painting. This trait can also be seen in their approach to problem-solving and decision-making. They are often able to come up with unique and innovative solutions to challenges, which can make them valuable assets in both personal and professional settings. However, this creativity can also make them less inclined to follow established protocols and procedures, which can sometimes lead to conflicts with those who prefer a more traditional approach.
  • Cambodian women have a keen attention to detail, which can be both an asset and a liability in interactions with others. On the one hand, they are able to notice and appreciate small nuances and subtleties that others might overlook. This can make them excellent listeners, and they can often provide insightful and empathetic responses to others’ concerns. On the other hand, their attention to detail can sometimes cause them to become overly critical or nitpicky, which can make it difficult for them to fully engage in conversations and interactions.
  • Cambodian women possess a natural inclination to start conversations. They are often outgoing and sociable, which makes them well-suited to roles that involve interacting with others, such as customer service, sales, or teaching. They are also able to establish a rapport with others quickly and easily, which can make them effective communicators and negotiators. However, their tendency to start conversations can sometimes lead them to be perceived as intrusive or pushy, which can create tension and conflicts.
  • Cambodian women have little interest in other people’s problems. They are often focused on their own goals and priorities, which can make them appear self-absorbed or indifferent to others’ needs. This trait can sometimes make it difficult for them to connect with others on an emotional level and may lead to misunderstandings and conflicts in their relationships.
  • Cambodian women tend to deal well with stress. They are often able to remain calm and composed under pressure, which can make them effective leaders and decision-makers. However, their ability to handle stress can also make them appear unemotional or detached, which can make it difficult for others to connect with them on a personal level.

What are the Cambodian Women’s beauty standards?

No one can better describe the standards of female beauty in Cambodia than real Cambodian women. We asked women living in major cities in Cambodia in different regions of the country to share their opinions on the beauty standards of Cambodian women.

“In Cambodia, a petite figure and delicate features are considered beautiful for women. Many Cambodian women also place a strong emphasis on traditional cultural beauty practices, such as skin whitening and intricate hairstyles. Jewelry is also an important aspect of Cambodian beauty standards, as it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.”

— Sreytouch Seng
Age. 30 years.
Place of birth. Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Occupation. Tour guide.
Marital status. Married, 2 children.

“For Women in Cambodia, a more Westernized appearance, such as long hair and fair skin, is also considered attractive. However, many Cambodian women also value modesty and natural beauty, and may avoid heavy makeup or revealing clothing.”

— Sovannary Kim
Age. 27 years.
Place of birth. Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Occupation. Fashion designer.
Marital status. Single.

Concluding words on the Cambodian women’s characteristics

Cambodian Women are known for their unique and striking facial features, as well as their strong and independent personalities. While beauty standards may vary across different cultures, it is clear that Cambodian women possess their own distinct brand of elegance and charm.

Understanding the features and characteristics of Cambodian Women not only helps to appreciate their beauty, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and society that they come from. We hope this article has been informative and enjoyable for our readers, and that you have gained a new appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Cambodian women.

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