Turkmen Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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Turkmen women are renowned for their beauty, strength, and intelligence. With roots in Central Asia, Turkmen women have distinctive facial features along with unique personality traits. These distinctions make them stand out from other ethnicities and contribute to the beautiful culture of Turkmenistan. In this article, we will explore the appearance and personality of Turkmen women through a deeper look at their facial features, beauty standards, and character traits.

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What do Turkmen Women Look Like?

The physical characteristics of Turkmen women vary from one region to another; however, there are a few striking commonalities that are shared by many. One identifier is their olive-skinned complexion which makes them appear sun-kissed no matter where they call home. Additionally, most Turkmens sport dark, almond shaped eyes with thick eyebrows giving them an elegant yet mysterious look. For example, they often have straight noses with high bridges while some popular variations also feature a short button tip or Roman nose shape too. Hair color is usually black but it can lean slightly more on the brown shade depending on the individual’s heritage.

Turkmen Women

Turkmen Women Facial Features

Apart from their overall look that has been described above, there are a few distinct features that help to classify someone as Turkmani based on his or her face alone. For one thing, cheekbones tend to be prominent when compared against other ethnicities, and lips often have a fuller appearance due to natural collagen production during puberty – making them highly sought after in contemporary society for cosmetic enhancements such as fillers. Moreover, mouth corners are turned up slightly like an angelic smile which adds additional charm to the face overall. Also noteworthy is the fact that these certain characteristic facial features mentioned in this article tend to conform beautifully into one another without any noticeable flaws – further defining their unique exotic beauty within the global population.

Physical characteristics of typical Turkmen Woman

Turkmen women have an average height of 161 cm (5 feet 3 inches) and an average weight of 64 kg (141 lb.). Their body shapes predominantly lean towards a pear-shaped category. Genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices contribute to variations in their physical characteristics.

Turkmen Women Personality Traits

In general, many people would agree that traditional values have been upheld by many generations of Turks over time resulting in strong-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to speak up for themselves or what they believe in– even if it means going against societal rules or expectations. They tend towards compassion which helps them remain tolerant of others regardless of socio-economic status/religion/background etc., often leading them down paths of humanitarian work or activism viewing it as an opportunity to help improve life conditions in whatever way possible rather than just making money off people who can’t afford much already. This trait might explain why education plays such an important role within these communities since books offer us knowledge, which empowers us all equally regardless of our background – something many second wave immigrants strive for daily despite all odds because, according to them, anything tangible & achievable starts with learning about ourselves first before anything else!

Turkmen Women Are Very Open-Minded

What makes Turkmen women so unique is their open-minded attitude towards life. They are not afraid to think beyond what society tells them, and they explore new ideas without hesitation. This makes them very creative and allows them to form strong opinions about events in the world around them. Furthermore, this same openness, also enables them to be more embracing with cultural diversity and take a step towards understanding other people, which is something we all should strive for.

Turkmen Women Enjoy Socializing With Friends And Family

Turkmen women are great socializers who usually love gathering together with friends and family over tea or dinner. They are deeply rooted to their country’s culture and traditions so it is essential for them to stay connected with their peers to celebrate successes or just catch up on each other’s lives. Aside from these delightful occasions, they also cherish smaller moments when they can get quality time spent together with friends and family – such as taking leisurely strolls in the park or going out for ice cream – regardless of the occasion, they always make sure that those closest to them know how much they care by showing support whenever it’s needed most!

Turkmen Women Are Friendly

Friendliness is another trait that seems to come very naturally for many Turkman women. Wherever they go, they will often be seen giving a warm welcome or helping strangers find their way around town if needed. In addition to this trait being perceived as courteous in nature, it also acts as a natural seal of trustworthiness which can be very useful when dealing with difficult situations requiring diplomacy & tact, such as negotiations between two opposing parties, etc., allowing both sides to feel comfortable enough to discuss issues openly without feeling intimidated – ultimately leading to outcomes where everyone involved benefits from dialogue!

What are the Turkmen Women’s beauty standards?

Turkmens possess physical beauty standards similar to those found across the world; however, some specific attributes tend to rank higher among this particular population when compared against western countries’ standards, such as having thin waists or voluminous hair, etc., but perhaps one primary factor stands out more clearly than others – skin tone/complexion being one example (olive color specifically!). This never ending quest for lighter pigment has been historically prominent throughout Asia and continues till date – with countless products sold daily claiming magical benefits associated with “whitening” your skin complexion…a trend encouraged mainly due to cultural ideas embedded deeply into social norms (fuelled by media). Nevertheless, understanding our self worth shouldn’t rely exclusively on how you look externally, so please keep this in mind when progress takes place over time!


Overall, Turkman women carry special traits that set them apart from other ethnic populations around the globe, whether it be physical features like almond shaped eyes or cultural ones such as compassion & acceptance towards life’s diversity of living entities (human & non-human). Although beauty standards still exist today – at least now, generations past have easier access points toward developing strong mindsets regarding these issues, so hopefully everyone can move forward together regardless of nationality/religion/etc. All we need then is an engaged society willing to take action whenever necessary like creating healthier environments for our loved ones without fear of judgment!!

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