Latvian Women Features and Characteristics

Updated on May 2023
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Latvia is a small country in northeastern Europe sandwiched between Lithuania to the south and Estonia to the north, with Russia to the east and Belarus to the southeast. An old interpretation of the word “Latvian” is “forest-clearers”. Isn’t it associated with forest fairies, so beautiful that men went insane after meeting them? That is exactly how we can describe Latvian women. This article was written to familiarize you with these stunning females. Read on!

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What Do Latvian Girls Look Like?

It is easy to describe what a typical Latvian woman look like, however, the words cannot fully express Latvia beauty. But if we indeed try, the portrait of these females will conform to your stereotypes about European women.

Latvian women have blonde or light brown hair, a skin of a light tone with adorably rosy cheeks. They have green, gray, or blue eyes, and lips that are not very plump, but perfectly suitable for their delicate facial features. Beautiful Latvian women can be surprisingly tall. A trait that will please every man on the planet Earth is the curvy all natural Latvian woman’s figure. The ladies are feminine and very delicate – true fairies!

Although these girls seem fragile, they are intelligent and persistent. Those features are expressed in their clothes and general look: Latvian women dress in a stylish, expensive, and opulent way. They never hide their beauty but do not brag about it. That is not surprising, as such an incredible appearance is as usual for them as breathing.

Latvian Women Features

What Are the Characteristics of Average Latvian Women?

“Baltic ladies” sounds intriguing for Western men. They are different from females in the US, UK, or other mainstream countries. If there is one word to describe Latvian girls, it would be classy. Here is a list of the main Latvian features:

  • They age naturally. Just as the Baltic nature, Latvian women’s beauty is intact and flowing where the faith leads it. Usually, local ladies do not run after plastic surgery or other ways of rejuvenation. They accept themselves just the way they are.
  • They know what they are worth and want men to run after them.
  • Latvia beautiful women are honest and blunt and they require plain dealing with others
  • They seem cold in the beginning, but when they get to know you better, they are certainly more open and friendly
  • Latvian women follow fashion trends from the West creating a mix of western openness and Baltic ivy style.

So, this is what are Latvian women like. They can conquer a man’s heart just with one look. If you are interested, continue reading to know more about their personality and appearance.

Many of the men who have married a Latvian mail-order bride after several years of successful marriage note that compassion, kindness, honesty, and faithfulness are family values characteristic of the Latvian-born women.

The Personality of Beautiful Women From Latvia

Latvian appearance is one thing, but the personality of Latvian women is another. Who are those amazing ladies?

Feature #1: Intelligent

Latvian women are very clever and erudite, though they never boast about it. You can see their deep knowledge of different topics only in conversation. These ladies are both beautiful and smart, which is a rare combo.

Feature #2: Empathetic

Latvian girls can put themselves into somebody else’s shoes. When you are dating a Latviay lady, you feel like no one has understood you better in a relationship before. They are always ready to help and listen to your problems.

Feature #3: Family-Oriented

Even famous Latvian women who have built successful careers dream about family. They make good wives and mothers. Strong maternal instincts, a fair attitude to children, and an ability to remain attentive and desirable wives while also being caring and nurturing mothers are characteristics of Latvian women.

A Western man will not be disappointed by a Latvian girlfriend or wife. They can make you the happiest husband in the world!

Latvian Traits Physical Point of View

It is genetic research that will help us understand the physical characteristics of Latvian people. Although Latvians are considered the indigenous people of their country, their blood is not clear. A long time ago, A Finnic-speaking tribe known as the Livs settled among the Latvians and modulated the name to “Latvis”. They, of course, mixed with locals – indigenous Latvians who arrived at the location at least 4000 years ago. That is how modern gorgeous Latvian women appeared.

Most Latvians belong to two North European physical types: Western Baltic and Eastern Baltic, the first of which is distinguished by taller stature, the latter being distinguished by a more rounded face. Latvian people features are light hair and gray, bluish or greenish eyes, some of them are of darker complexion, generally with brownish hair and eyes. You will never meet Latvian women with naturally black hair. Keep reading to learn more about Latvian woman face features.

Latvian Women

What Are a Latvian Woman’s Facial Features and Body?

Above, we have defined the main characteristics of the people of Latvia. In the table below you can find short and optimized information about Latvian facial features. Due to this, you will imagine pretty Latvian women better.

What do Latvian eyes look like?Blue, green, or brown eyes are the first thing you see on a Latvian woman face. They are usually not very big but clear and captivating
What does a Latvian nose look like?Among Latvian facial features nose is the most delicate one. You will never meet Latvian women with aquiline or ugly noses
What do a typical Latvian women lips look like?These women have naturally beautiful lips: not very plump to resemble a duck but sweet enough to provoke men’s desire
What is the Latvian women hair like?Latvian genetic traits include naturally blonde or just light hair. In some way, the ladies look like female characters from the “Vikings” TV show
What is a typical Latvian woman body?As mentioned above, Latvian women are not too curvy and have tall stature. Their body is somewhere between Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne

What Is a Latvian Women Style Like?

Latvian women’s style is a unique mix of Western casual and Eastern feminine. They are very modest compared to what you see at clubs elsewhere but they do love to dress in a pretty dress or some skinny jeans. An average Latvian woman goes by the “only show off one thing at a time” rule. Either a short skirt or cleavage or a low back, not all of them at once.

As regards the clothes choice, Latvian women tend to wear knitted garments, especially gloves, caps, and jumpers. Latvians adorn themselves with few ornaments, and silver may be more widely worn than gold. The distinctive braided ‘Namejs’ ring is worn as a Latvian ethnic marker. A pretty Latvian woman does not wear bright cosmetics, and in dress, too, favors restraint in color and form. Usually, ladies choose light, natural brown and gray tones in clothes, and rarely wear bright red, particularly in combination with light blue.

Latvian women dress in a way that proves: beauty is in simplicity!

Last Words on Latvian Women

In conclusion, Latvian women embody the most important features of women: great personality and opulent appearance. We hope this article gave you an image of your perfect Baltic girlfriend. Go to Riga and get her!


What Do Latvian Women Look Like?

Latvian face features are light hair and gray, bluish, or greenish eyes, some of them are of darker complexion, generally with brownish hair and eyes. As regards the body, these ladies are usually tall and moderately curvy. They also have a rather rounded face and very delicate facial features. Latvian women dress simply but their style is a combination of Western fashion and traditional modesty.

How to Spot a Latvian Woman?

An average Latvian face has much in common with Estonian, Lithuanian, or Finnic faces. In general, Latvian women have light skin and long blonde hair, green or blue eyes, slightly plump lips, a small delicate nose, and pretty stature. If you see a woman wearing a mini and a crop-top with high heels, she is 95% not from Latvia. They value modesty and don’t show all body parts at once.

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