Laotian Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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Often referred to as the “Land of a Million Elephants,” Laos is a stunningly beautiful country with lush, verdant jungle and vibrant waterfalls. This is home to the Laotian people, who are known for their heartwarming hospitality and friendliness. Laotian women are similarly renowned for their beauty and unique features- both facial and personality- making them a fascinating topic to explore. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Laotian women look like, the traditional beauty standards they adhere to, and some common traits that make up their personalities.

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What do Laotian Women Look Like?

Laotian women come in all shapes and sizes. Generally speaking, they tend to have petite frames with smooth skin tones ranging from light browns to darker complexions; however, it’s not uncommon to find fairer or olive hues amongst Laos’ population. As far as hair goes, black and dark brown dominate, but you can find many who sport lighter shades like blonde or even red tints. It’s also important to note that many Laotian women choose to keep their hair short for practical reasons in humid climates such as theirs.

Laotian Women

Laotian Women Facial Features

One of the most striking aspects of these women is their eyes: full of life yet mysterious in gaze owing mainly due to almond shaped lids topped by thick eyelashes, which serve as accentuation for their deep brown eyes. Their eyebrows are usually kept neat but left natural with regards to shape – if there’s any grooming done around here, one is likely just trying out creative makeup looks! Apart from this, you’re likely to notice longer noses on them with high cheekbones – an attribute that further adds definition and draws attention towards their eyes!

Physical characteristics of typical Laotian Woman

Laotian women possess an average height of 152 cm (5 feet) and an average weight of 49 kg (108 lb.). Generally, they exhibit a pear-shaped body shape, characterized by a smaller upper torso compared to their lower counterparts. Environmental factors, genetics, and lifestyle choices contribute to the variations in their physical characteristics.

Laotian Women Personality Traits

Laotians are mostly Buddhists which leads many of its female members into being compassionate yet strong individuals with high moral values centered on respect for others – not just within one’s own family unit but extended into giving consideration even to strangers or those less fortunate than themselves! Of course, it isn’t rare at all for them to display intelligence, such as keeping up with current trends or politics – though sometimes they may lean towards shyness when faced with new scenarios or unfamiliar faces (which could be why so many expats flock over here!). Other traits include being hardworking (many work well into the night) as well as playful since lively games make up a large part of leisure time amongst them!

Laotian Women Are Very Open-Minded

Laotian women tend to be very open-minded when it comes to making decisions. They view each situation from multiple angles and are not afraid of trying new things and voicing their thoughts. Laotians also have a strong sense of empathy, which allows them to understand the perspectives of others without judgment or prejudice. This openness helps them to build relationships more easily, as they are able to relate to different people more readily than other cultures.

Laotian Women Enjoy Socializing With Friends and Family

Laotians love spending time with friends and family, both in person and online. Social connections are highly valued in Lao culture, and women spend much of their free time engaging with the people they care about most. Whether it be attending traditional ceremonies, sharing meals at restaurants, or just having casual conversations over tea or coffee – Laotians always find ways to stay connected even if they are far from home.

Laotian Women Are Friendly

Friendliness is another trait that many Lao women share. It’s a common sight for visitors to be greeted by locals with a warm smile and kind words. The friendliness of the people makes Laos an inviting place for visitors, where it is easy to make connections with locals quickly and start feeling like part of the community almost immediately. It’s no wonder why so many travelers come back year after year!

Laotian Beauty Standards

Much like other Asian countries the concept of ‘beauty’ encompasses cultural expectations when seen amongst Laos locals – an idea heavily influenced by ideals found in nature surrounded by mountains, rivers, etc., where physical appearance isn’t necessarily associated with status symbols such as expensive jewelry nor particular labels attached clothing pieces either! Instead, softer tones seen through blush face products plus subtle use of eye shadow/liner serves more so as a representation of refined natural looks desired nowadays, meaning if one wished complete trendier styles, then wearing vibrant colored lipsticks would be more appropriate. Much like other Southeast Asian cultures, there exists also the popular terms ‘white skin’ (associated youthfulness/youthfulness) compared to dark/tanned tones linked to older age!


In conclusion, Laotian Women have unique features – both physical and personal – that make them stand out in comparison to others from different cultures. From delicate eyes set against smooth skin tones topped off by impeccably groomed eyebrows- all held together through lithe frames- these ladies are quite lovely indeed! As far as personality goes, they tend to show kindheartedness while displaying respectable behaviors going beyond what actions taken solely within their own families could demonstrate: intelligence capable handling challenges thrown away when needed plus robustness carrying self throughout day long hours filled laborious activities makes her a formidable woman indeed!


What do typical Laotian people look like?

Typical Laotian individuals display Southeast Asian traits, such as medium to dark brown complexions, straight hair, and almond-shaped eyes. Their facial structures often include high cheekbones, a narrow nose, and a rounded jawline, reflecting the rich cultural and ethnic background of the region.

What are typical features of Laotian females?

Laotian females typically exhibit medium to dark brown skin, almond-shaped eyes, and straight hair, which contribute to their unique and distinct appearance. Their facial features, such as high cheekbones, narrow noses, and rounded jawlines, highlight their Southeast Asian heritage and set them apart from other populations.

How Do Laos Beauty Standards Differ from Other Asian Countries?

The concept of beauty in Laos is heavily influenced by ideals found in nature, such as mountains and rivers. Physical appearance is not necessarily associated with status symbols like fancy jewelry or luxury clothing brands - rather, softer tones like blush and subtle eye makeup that emphasize natural looks reign supreme. There is also a focus on 'white skin', which has come to signify youthfulness in comparison to tanned or dark tones associated with age.

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