Saint Lucian Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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Saint Lucia’s women are a stunning bunch: blessed with captivating looks as well as promising personalities! They know how to stay true to themselves in any situation without compromising on what is important—family comes first, but friends are also valued highly within this culture too! A combination of facial features (from having big almond-shaped eyes to bold cheekbones) along with specific fashion styles help define ’the look’ when it comes to physical beauty standards here — however, there is room enough for individual expression among those things mentioned above!

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What do Saint Lucian women look like?

Saint Lucian women are known for their exotic beauty. They typically have lightly tanned skin and dark eyes, giving them a unique and captivating appearance. Their hair is usually black or dark brown and ranges from curly to straight. Most Saint Lucians have curvy figures, although there is some variation, with some women embracing more athletic frames as well.

Overall, the people of St Lucia are known for their warm, welcoming energy that radiates from their physical appearances as well. Whether on the beach or in the city, a Saint Lucian woman’s presence is unmistakable.

Saint Lucian Women

Saint Lucian women facial features

The most common facial features seen in the faces of St Lucians are broad noses and large, expressive eyes. These features can be subtle or pronounced depending on individual genetics, but they all contribute to an overall look of great beauty. Some St Lucians also have chiseled cheekbones and full lips that give even more depth to their faces.

No matter what combination of features a woman has, it is likely that she will radiate warmth and kindness simply through her face alone. This quality makes them even more attractive than other cultures because this inner beauty is so evident in their outward appearances.

Physical characteristics of typical Saint Lucian Woman

Saint Lucian women possess an average height of 163 cm (5 feet 4 inches) and an average weight of 71 kg (156 lb.). Their body shapes generally lean towards an hourglass category. Factors such as genetics, environmental influences, and lifestyle choices impact their physical characteristics.

Saint Lucian women personality traits

In addition to having stunning physical appearances, St Lucian women also possess wonderful personalities that make them even more beautiful to those around them. They tend to be strong-willed yet kindhearted individuals who care deeply about the people they love; they typically strive to improve whatever community they find themselves in and bring light wherever they go. Many Saint Lucians also exhibit great levels of resilience due to the challenges they may have endured living on an island nation with limited resources available at times; thus these traits allow them to handle difficult situations and still remain optimistic about life’s possibilities.

Saint Lucian Women are very open-minded

Saint Lucian women are known for their openness and willingness to accept different views and cultures. They’re often willing to learn from new experiences and will look at things with a ‘what can I learn?’ mindset before forming judgment. This helps them develop empathy towards people who may not think or act the same as them, which is important in fostering understanding within their own community as well as in the wider world.

In terms of lifestyle choices, they tend to be more tolerant than other women in the Caribbean due to the mix of different cultural influences that have shaped their nation throughout its history. Whether it be beliefs about religion, gender roles or sexuality, Saint Lucians are generally quite accepting of varying perspectives on life.

Saint Lucian Women Enjoy Socializing With Friends and Family

Socializing is an essential part of life for many Saint Lucian women, whether it be with friends or family. They view friendships as long-term relationships and families as extensions of themselves, so it’s common for them to spend time together at celebrations like birthdays or just simply hanging out having a good time.

Interactions between family members are usually casual yet heartfelt – there isn’t much need for structure here as everyone just gets along like one big happy family. For this reason, you can always count on a friendly face when it comes to socializing with Saint Lucian women!

Saint Lucian Women Are Very Friendly

One thing that stands out about Saint Lucian women is their welcoming and warm demeanor no matter whom they meet. Their friendliness makes them approachable even for strangers and creates a pleasant atmosphere around them wherever they go. In addition, they tend to be helpful whenever someone needs advice or assistance with something, so if ever you find yourself in need, don’t forget to ask your local Saint Lucian friends first!

Their openness doesn’t stop there either; conversations between these ladies tend to cover topics that may not necessarily relate directly back home but rather touch upon matters such as global affairs, art culture without batting an eyelid whatsoever, demonstrating level maturity and sophistication rarely seen elsewhere nowadays…

What are the Saint Lucian Women’s beauty standards?

Saint Lucians place a high value on natural beauty- such as glowing skin tones and radiant hair styles- rather than popular trends from outside cultures that often require artificial means of achieving a certain look (e.g., makeup). Thus St Lucian beauty standards focus more on achieving a balance between one’s inner confidence and outer appeal by highlighting positive aspects within each woman rather than forcing her into society’s predetermined “ideal” image for female bodies. In short: no matter what your body type or complexion may be – you can still feel beautiful! This encourages everyone in the country- both men and women- to embrace their individual attributes with pride while being aware of potential barriers toward self-acceptance based on traditional beauty standards set by media outlets throughout the world.


Saint Lucyan women are known not just for their striking physical features but also for their indomitable spirit – something which can’t be taught but only experienced firsthand when standing in the presence of such majestic creatures! From glowing skin tones, expressive eyes, and strong-willed attitudes – all accompanied by warmth & hospitality – it’s easy to see why many consider these females among the most beautiful people in this world! Ultimately though, it isn’t just about looks but character & personality, which is why we must never forget how lucky we humans are to encounter such amazing role models who embody both grace & strength every single day!

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