Serbian Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on May 2023
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Serbia is a country in Southeast Europe. TOP-3 things the country is famous for are: it is a birthplace of Roman Emperors, the world’s largest exporter of raspberries, and a Motherland to beautiful Serbian women. The latter are the pearls of Serbia for which all men from the world hunt. This article is for those who show interest in typical Serbian women.

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What Do Serbian Women Look Like?

To be honest, every foreign man will be impressed by Serbian beauty. It is easy to fall in love with ladies on the streets because a typical Serbian woman look like a goddess.

Serbs are one of the tallest nations in the world, they mostly have a little bit darker skin tone and dark hair, but one can meet blondes, too. They don’t look like other slavs, who are pretty, mostly blonde with blue eyes. Serbia had been occupied by Turks for 500 years, so that’s probably the reason why they are a little bit darker than the others. Greeks are probably the nation most similar to them, and there are many similarities, besides the language, which is the whole difference.

What Are the Characteristics of a Serbian Woman?

When choosing a girlfriend from another culture, men always should pay attention to their character. Here we give you a list of the most common mental features of Serbian chicks:

  • Compared to surrounding countries and western Europe, average Serbian women are better looking
  • Pretty Serbian women put a lot of effort into clothes, makeup, and the look in general – even for casual occasions
  • In Serbia beautiful women put family first
  • They have a positive attitude towards foreigners and are going out of their way to help a stranger
  • Another trait of gorgeous Serbian women – they do not restrain themselves and often go out for a hookup
  • What Serbian women like is when men pay for them and provide them with all the necessary things

In fact, the majority of the characteristics above are standard Serbian features that both men and women obtain. It is worth mentioning that Serbian women make good wives thanks to their loyalty and mild patriarchal upbringing.

Serbian Women Traits

Serbian Women’s Personality

Many Serbian women are very feminine and take good care of themselves. They are still traditional in the sense that, no matter how successful a woman can be in business or any other aspect, she is not truly accomplished if she hasn’t become a mom. That is why girls in Serbia make a huge effort to achieve success in all aspects of life: to be good mothers, good wives, good friends, good daughters, good sisters, build a career, be good cooks, and look good while trying to stay positive, cheerful and strong. If they “fail” in at least one of these aspects, they will be heavily judged by society.

Along with that, Serbian women wish to participate more in political and social life. The only obstacle to that is the Balkan men who are also traditional in their attitude towards women. That is why every pretty Serbian woman secretly dreams of marrying a Westerner to gain freedom. Keep reading to find more info on what are Serbian women like.

Many of the men who have married a Serbian mail-order bride after several years of successful marriage note that compassion, kindness, honesty, and faithfulness are family values characteristic of the Serbian-born women.

Serbian Traits Physical

Now let us talk about the typical Serbian people features.

What are the physical characteristics of Serbian people? The answer always lies in the genes. Anthropologists think that Serbian genetic traits have developed from the mixture of Slavic and indigenous Balkan Dinaric traits, along with the “presence” of various other nations – Celts, Goths, and Normans. That means Serbian women are not classic Slavs and their appearance differs a little.

So, what do Serbian women look like? Here we offer to take a look at famous Serbian women. These gorgeous models and actresses have soft facial features, long hair, and a deep gaze that echoes their nation’s history.

They also have dark hair, tanned skin, and strong facial features. These ladies are usually all lean, however, you can find a curvy all natural Serbian woman. Pay attention that their stature is not Brazilian-like, so do not expect beautiful women from Serbia to have what they cannot have.

Serbian Facial Features

As you already know, Serbs’ blood is a crazy mix, and the main role is played by Divaric genes. To define the traits of an average Serbian face, we should focus on this ancient nationality.

Scientists describe the Dinaric type as “having light skin, long face …, and very big feet”. The last does not sound very sexy, but does a man pay attention to a woman’s feet when he sees the face described below?

What do Serbian eyes look like?Serbian women have middle-sized bright eyes with an attentive look. Eye color varies from light gray to deep dark brown
What does a Serbian nose look like?Among Serbian facial features nose is the most noticeable. Usually, the ladies have a very narrow and prominent nose, sometimes aquiline. Many girls do not like their nose’s form, so often they perform a plastic surgery
How do a typical Serbian woman’s lips look like?All Serbian women have big plump lips which many Hollywood beauties would envy. They usually use lipstick to highlight their lips and that looks stunning
What is Serbian women hair like?Many people think Serbian hair is always dark, however, the color ranges from dark brown to dark blonde. Also, it is thick and straight. Ladies prefer having long hair; this type of hairdo favorably emphasizes Serbian woman’s facial features
What is a typical Serbian woman body?Serbian women have slender body types, tall stature, and narrow hips, although heavy breasts are common

We hope the table helped you imagine what do Serbian girls look like. Are you already in love?

Serbian Women

Serbian Women Style

An average Serbian woman spends a lot of time and effort on their look. Especially in big cities, ladies dress up a lot. Some female tourists even feel out of place with their “starter t-shirt-and-jeans pack”. Locals consider dresses to be more comfortable than pants and choose a liberal clothes style. Just like all European girls, Serbian females like to show off their figures, in summer they put on hot pants, very short skirts, bikini tops, etc.

Although Serbian women do not use much accessories, you will see them wearing fashionable scarves and headbands. As regards jewelry, in this country it is not popular to wear heirlooms or expensive jewelry. The girls choose cheap statement jewelry instead.

Last Words

In this article, we have briefly run over Serbian appearance: the women’s physical traits and personal characteristics. We hope this overview got you fallen in love with these gorgeous ladies. They are worth coming to Serbia and having a date with them!


What Are the Standard Serbian Face Features?

Serbian woman face features are not typical Slavic. They have mostly dark hair, aquiline noses, and slender figures. Speaking of character features, they put family first and want to have children, they have a positive attitude towards foreigners, and feel free to go out for a hookup. Serbian women also love to dress neatly and fashionably, even for casual occasions. Male tourists claim Serbs look better than women from the neighboring countries.

How to Spot a Serbian Woman?

It is easy to know a typical Serbian woman's face. The girls from this country usually have light skin, middle-sized eyes of various colors, natural big plump lips, and very narrow, prominent, and sometimes aquiline noses. Other distinctive features of the ladies are slender body type, tall stature, and narrow hips. As regards the hair, it is long and straight, and the color varies between dark brown and dark blonde.

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