Japanese Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on May 2023
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Japanese Women, like females from any other ethnic group in Asia, have their own unique facial features and physical characteristics. These features make their appearance really unique and not like other women. In turn, personal qualities and character traits shaped mostly by Japanese Culture make these East Asian women understandable and easy-going partners in relationships.

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Japanese women’s features, their personal characteristics and beauty standards are what you will find out as you continue reading. Whether you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of Japanese Women, or simply appreciate their unique beauty, this article has valuable information for you.

What do Japanese Women usually look like?

Genetic background has played an important role in the unique facial features of modern Japanese Women. They have smaller facial features such as eyes, nose, and mouth than other Asian groups. This feature is commonly referred to as “baby-face” in Japan.

Japanese culture places great emphasis on physical beauty and appearance, which has led to a strong emphasis on skincare, makeup, and fashion among Japanese Women. This has led to a preference for a natural look and a focus on maintaining healthy, youthful skin.

Japanese Women’s unique facial features and appearance are highly valued and considered as a sign of beauty. The combination of genetic makeup and cultural influence have created a distinct and alluring look for Japanese Women that is highly admired and sought after.

What do Japanese Women usually look like?

The physical appearance of Japanese Women is based on the following physiological parameters:

  • Height: Japanese Women are known for their petite and slim figures. On average, they have a height of around 162cm (5 feet 3 inches) which is considered short by Western standards. Smaller height is considered ideal for many Japanese women and is often associated with femininity and delicacy.
  • Weight: Japanese Women are generally considered to have a healthy weight. The average weight for Japanese women is around 49 kg (108 lbs). They tend to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle which contributes to their overall good health and well-being.
  • Body shape: Japanese Women are often praised for their hourglass body shape which is characterized by a small waist and proportionate hips and bust. They have a lean, slender body type which is considered to be aesthetically pleasing by many. However, it’s worth noting that body shape is a complex combination of genetics, lifestyle, and personal choices, which means that there is a wide range of body shapes among Japanese women.

Physical characteristics of typical Japanese Woman:

Average Weight55 kg (121 lbs)
Average Height162 cm (5’3″)
Body ShapeHourglass

What are typical Japanese Women’s facial features?

Japanese Women have a set of unique facial features that distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Asia:

  • Hair color. Japanese Women typically have dark black hair, with shades of dark brown. However, there is also a significant variety in hair color among them, with some having naturally light brown or blonde hair. This diversity adds to their unique beauty and makes them stand out among other nationalities. The dark black color is a common feature among Japanese ladies, which is a result of the genetic and environmental factors such as Japan’s diet and culture.
  • Hair texture. Japanese Women often have straight and silky hair. This texture can be styled in various ways, which makes them versatile in terms of hairstyles. The natural texture of their hair adds shine and smoothness to their appearance, making them look elegant and attractive.
  • Eye shape. Japanese Women typically have almond-shaped eyes, which are considered to be a very attractive and desirable feature. The almond shape of their eyes adds to their unique beauty and gives them a mysterious and alluring appearance. Additionally, their eyes are known for being large and expressive which adds to their charm. The eyes of those Asians are often considered to be one of their most defining features.
  • Eye color. Japanese Women can have a range of eye colors, from dark brown to hazel, green and even blue. This diversity in eye color adds to the unique beauty of Japanese Women. The most common eye color among them is dark brown, however, there are also many Japanese Women with light-colored eyes such as hazel or green which adds to their diversity.
  • Nose shape. Japanese Women often have small and petite noses with a slight upward tilt. This shape gives them a delicate and refined appearance. The small and petite shape of Japanese Women’s noses makes them look unique and attractive, it adds to their femininity and delicacy.
  • Jaw shape. Japanese Women typically have a delicate and refined jawline, which can range from a more defined jaw to a softer jawline. This shape can give them a feminine and attractive appearance. The delicate and refined jawline adds to their soft and delicate features, making them look gentle and approachable.
  • Skin tone. Japanese Women can have a wide range of skin tones, from very fair to light beige. This diversity in skin tone adds to the unique beauty of Japanese females. Japan’s diet and lifestyle allow for a lot of skin care which results in a range of skin tones among Japanese Women.
  • Lip shape. Japanese Women often have small and delicate lips, which can vary from a more defined cupid’s bow to a softer lip shape. This shape gives them a delicate and refined appearance. The small and delicate shape of Japanese Women’s lips makes them look unique and attractive, adding to their femininity and sensuality.
  • Eyebrow shape. Japanese Women often have well-defined, arched eyebrows that can range from thick to thin. This shape can give them a polished and attractive appearance. The well-defined arches of their eyebrows add to their overall elegance and sophistication, making them look put-together and refined.

Facial features of typical Japanese Woman:

Face ShapeOval, Round
Hair ColorBlack, Brown
Eye ColorBrown
Skin ToneLight, Olive
Lip ShapeFull, Thin
Jawline ShapeSoft, Defined
Nose ShapeSmall, delicate
Eyebrow ShapeThin, Thick
Forehead ShapeHigh

What are the characteristics of Japanese Women?

The cultural and the social backgrounds of modern Japanese Women have both played a significant role in shaping their personal traits and characteristics. The traditional values and customs of Japan, such as respect for authority and emphasis on harmony, have influenced the personalities of many Japanese Women to be polite, respectful and conformist.

Japan’s patriarchal society has also contributed to shaping the personalities of Japanese Women to be submissive and to prioritize their families and communities over their individual wants and needs. On the other hand, Japan’s rapidly changing society and economy have also played a role in shaping the personalities of Japanese Women to be more independent and self-assertive.

Many Western men who have married Japanese mail-order brides have noted, after several years of successful marriage, that empathy, kindness, honesty, and faithfulness are the family values common to Japanese-born women.

These unique characteristics of Japanese Women, such as politeness, respectfulness and self-assertiveness, provide benefits such as improved communication and teamwork in the workplace. Furthermore, Japanese Women have also developed unique characteristics such as adaptability and resilience, as a result of their cultural and social background.

What are the characteristics of Japanese Women?

Japanese Women are often known for their dislike of change

Japanese Women tend to prefer routine and predictability in their lives, and they may struggle with adapting to new situations or environments. This trait is deeply ingrained in their culture, where tradition and stability are highly valued. Traditional gender roles in Japan often require women to prioritize the needs of others over their own, which may contribute to their reluctance to change.

Japanese Women also enjoy having a set schedule

Japanese females are organized and prefer to plan out their day in advance. This trait can be seen in their daily routine, where everything from work, to meals and leisure time, is planned in advance. They may find it difficult to adjust to unexpected or last-minute changes in their schedule.

Women in Japan are known for carefully thinking things through before speaking

Women in Japan tend to be reserved and prefer to take their time before expressing their opinions or thoughts. They often rely on their intuition and instincts, but they are also known for their ability to be thoughtful and considerate before making any decision. This trait is not only limited to personal interactions but also professional interactions.

Japanese Women care about others

Japanese Women tend to be empathetic, kind and considerate. They place a great importance on maintaining relationships and will often go out of their way to help others. They also place a great importance on their community and country, and they may feel a sense of duty to contribute to society in some way.

Japanese females experience a lot of stress

Japanese Women are known for their high work ethic and their ability to handle pressure. They are often expected to balance their personal and professional lives, which can be challenging. Societal expectations of women in Japan can also be demanding and may contribute to their stress levels. Despite this, Japanese women are known for their resilience and ability to handle stress with grace and composure.

What are the Japanese Women’s beauty standards?

Who better to tell us about female beauty standards in Japan than real Japanese Women? We asked women who live in major Japan cities, but are from different regions of Japan, to share their opinions on the beauty standards for Japanese Women.

“In Japan, beauty standards for women are often influenced by contemporary ideals, especially in a cosmopolitan city like Tokyo. Clear, porcelain skin and a slim figure are considered desirable, as well as a well-groomed appearance. In Tokyo, there is also a trend towards a more natural look, with minimal makeup and a focus on enhancing one’s natural features. As a true Japanese woman, I believe that true beauty is about confidence and self-expression, and embracing your own unique qualities and features. Whether it be traditional or modern ideals, it is important to remember that true beauty comes from within.”

— Himari Takahashi
Age: 31 years.
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan.
Occupation: Project manager.
Marital status: Single.

“In Yokohama, we value a woman who is well-versed in traditional Japanese customs and practices, as it shows her connection to her heritage. Physical beauty is defined by delicate features, such as a small nose and mouth, and a slim yet curvaceous figure. A woman with clear, smooth skin, shiny, healthy hair and traditional Japanese hairstyle is also considered beautiful. The traditional Japanese attire of kimono, paired with a beautiful, hand-woven obi, highlights a woman’s natural beauty and femininity.”

— Sakura Suzuki
Age: 26 years.
Place of Birth: Yokohama, Japan.
Occupation: Dental assistant.
Marital status: Single.

How are Japanese Women different from other East Asian women?

When it comes to physical appearance, Japanese Women have some distinct characteristics that differentiate them from other East Asian women. To understand these differences, let’s examine how Japanese Women compare to women from other East Asian countries.

What are the differences between Japanese Women and Chinese Women?

Japanese women and Chinese women exhibit distinct differences in both appearance and overall personality. In terms of appearance, Japanese women tend to have a more refined and elegant look, characterized by their delicate features and soft, silky hair. Chinese Women’s appearance, on the other hand, are more pronounced and striking, with bold features and thicker hair.

When it comes to overall personality, Japanese women are generally considered to be more reserved and polite, while Chinese women are often described as being more outgoing and assertive. This can be attributed to cultural differences, as collectivism is highly valued in Chinese culture, whereas individualism is more emphasized in Japanese culture.

Therefore, Chinese women may feel more comfortable expressing their opinions and asserting themselves in social situations, whereas Japanese women may be more inclined to hold back and go along with the group. In a nutshell, Japanese women are more delicate and reserved, while Chinese women are more bold and assertive. These differences are evident in both physical appearance and overall personality.

Last words about Japanese Women’s features

Japanese Women are known for their unique and striking facial features, as well as their strong and independent personalities. While beauty standards may vary across different cultures, it is clear that Japanese Women possess their own distinct brand of elegance and charm.

Understanding the features and characteristics of Japanese Women not only helps to appreciate their beauty, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and society that they come from. We hope this article has been informative and enjoyable for our readers, and that you have gained a new appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Japanese Women.

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