Brazilian Brides: Tips For Planning Your Wedding

Brazilian Brides have gained popularity around the world. The reasons for this are varied and many. Here are just a few of the factors why:

Many Brazilians live near the Guianas, which is why so many of them end up marrying a local man. Marriage between the Guianas and foreign men is not a new thing. It has been going on for many years. So, when Brazilian brides come from other countries to marry a local man, this opens up the floodgates to cultural differences. Once you are a Brazilian and get married, you cannot convert or be changed by culture.

In Brazil, the brides are known as “maidas” (maid meaning female attendant). The brides wear short skirts and sometimes no pants at all. They are referred to as “sebas”. The Brazilian culture is very liberal and includes men and women of different races, creeds and backgrounds.

There are numerous ethnicities, and the culture is divided into classes. Each class has a corresponding bride. This bride then takes care of the bride’s husband and children and in some cases even the bride herself. Brazilian brides have to take care of the bridal parties, if they are present. Therefore, many of them choose to travel to other countries for their weddings.

On top of that, they have to learn many different languages. English is not their first language. But they are very accustomed to speaking, learning and listening to the language. Brazilian culture is Latin oriented and they really adhere to what the Roman Catholic Church preaches. The religion of the church goes back hundreds of years.

There are no special dress codes for Brazilian brides. They can be in any old shirt, skirt and shoes, no matter how old they are. The bridesmaid’s dress is immaculate too. They wear white dresses and beautiful bouquets. Of course, flowers and jewelry will make the wedding look more extravagant, but flowers and jewelry are usually out of the question.

Brides from Brazil are used to being in the limelight and they handle it very well. In fact, when they walk down the aisle at the reception, all eyes will be on them. Most of the time, they look like a million dollars! Some brides who are very serious about their weddings opt for the Brazilian style gowns, which give off a hint of country charm. They are very elegant, classy and sophisticated.

Not only are there many benefits to having a Brazilian bride, but there are many disadvantages as well. They can cost up to a few thousand dollars and you must know how to manage a bank account of this magnitude. Their weddings tend to be on the more pricey side. Also, their customs, cuisine and attire are a bit different from ours. If you plan to be in attendance at one of these Brazilian Weddings, then it would be best to be prepared for some extra customs and treatment. The only upside is, you get the opportunity to be with a beautiful woman you love.

There are many different types of Brazilian brides, so before you contact any couple, be sure to take the bride’s ethnic background into consideration. Many brides have very dark hair, which requires that you dye their hair a lighter shade or even add highlights. It is recommended that you do not do this at home, as you run the risk of damaging the hair. This can ruin a perfectly good looking wedding dress. You can ask your bridesmaids or groomsmen to help you with this aspect of the wedding.

Brazilians like to have many guests at their wedding. In fact, if you have many friends from Brazil attending the wedding, it is highly encouraged that you include them in the planning process. It is important that you keep in touch with your bridesmaids and groomsmen through the months leading up to the wedding. You may also find it helpful to include family members and close friends.

When most brides think of bridesmaids, they think of supportive women who give gentle support during stressful times. Brazilian brides are no different. However, because they come from such a different culture, they are accustomed to being more hands-on. If you do not want to take on too many responsibilities for your bridesmaids, you might consider hiring a maid of honor to organize things. She will be able to help with small but crucial tasks such as ordering flowers, picking out gowns for the bridesmaids, preparing the ceremony site, and other things essential to a wedding.

Do not be afraid to hire your relatives and close friends to help out with smaller tasks. They will probably appreciate it, and it will make them feel more included in the process. You will also find that many of your bridesmaids will ask you to do favors for them. Whether you plan on doing this or not, make sure to let each of your attendants know that you greatly appreciate all of their help. This will make everyone feel valued.

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