European Women And Advice On Dating Them Online

Updated on Jun 2023

European women are probably the most popular among American and English men. Italian, French, Polish, Slovakian, Czech, German, and other women from the EU all look pretty. However, they have some differences in appearance and personalities. What makes European women similar is their attitude to men. They respect men and want to be equal with men.

You can only see a slight difference in Polish, Czech, Slovenian, and Slovakian girls: they have family ties and want men to lead. By reading through this article, you will find many interesting facts about European girls and get tips on dating them.

What country are the best European women from? Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany
Where can I find European girls? Numerous international dating websites and apps, traveling to European countries

European Women

What You Must Know About European Women

There are many countries to choose your European bride from. Your choice should depend on your character and what you look for in your future wife. Further in this article, we will talk about different nationalities and tell you more about these women characteristics. You undoubtedly will be impressed with the way European women look, the way they speak English, and their talent to flirt and charm foreign men.

European girls are usually described as friendly, determined, self-sufficient, family-focused, and well-educated: just a beautiful package every man wants. All these words are great to describe European women. These ladies are warm and friendly towards strangers as they are respectful and polite. They speak excellent English, which makes conversation easy with them. Foreign guys from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia will not have a problem chatting with European women online or when meeting them in real life.

European girls are known to be well-educated, smart, and determined. They are taught that education is a must from a young age as it defines their route in life. This is why so many beautiful European ladies study hard and hardly have time for a relationship when they are in their early 20s. For every European woman, it is a priority to get a well-paid job and be self–sufficient before starting a relationship or creating a family. This is the trait that many western men admire in European women.

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Beautiful mail order brides from a European country are also family-oriented and dream of finding reliable men to create a happy family. You will not find many 20 years old girls looking for marriage online. As it was mentioned before, European women prioritize educating and finding a good job. However, when they get closer to 30, they actively search for compatible men to start a family.

The most family-oriented women out of all European girls are Polish, Czech, and Slovakian. They are closer to Eastern Europe, where women are known for making some of the best wives and mothers, unlike western women from the US. Regardless of a woman’s nationality, you will get a lady with natural beauty and soft character who is different from American women.

Expectations vs. Reality Dating European Women

According to foreign guys who had experience meeting and dating European brides, these women are fun-loving, intelligent, and family-oriented. They love to meet western men and flirt with them. Some men say that European women, regardless of nationality and local language, are pretty similar. They make good wives and are interested in long-term relationships.

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Westerners like Irish girls as they find them naturally pretty. What they say about Italian and Spanish girls is that they are passionate, fiery, and enjoy having fun. They call German women curious and precise.

There is a woman for every man. Thankfully, Europe is extensive and offers so many nationalities which are not drastically different but still have some “surprises” for you. If looking through European countries, the chances of finding an interesting person, individual, and potential wife are very high.

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Dating European women is undoubtedly an amazing experience every man can have. You may have some expectations which can be met or not. Below we decided to list popular expectations by western men who search for a European beauty on popular dating companies:

Expectation Reality
Easy to chat with European women are easy to chat with, the only exception is Swedish girls, who are usually quiet and difficult to start a conversation with
Family-oriented In reality, European girls are ready for marriage close to their 30s. At this age, they feel ready to commit to serious relationships and create a family.
Great housewives To be honest, a European wife is more focused on her career. European brides love to go out with friends, spend time in the gym or spend time with their families. A true European woman would rather eat out than cook a meal for the whole family.

By knowing what kind of girlfriends and wives European ladies make, you will not have any disappointments.

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Gregory DateUkrainianGirl logo
Gregory had been using a dating app for a while, but he hadn't had much luck. He was about to delete his account when he saw Elena's profile. She was beautiful and seemed like she had a lot to offer. They started messaging and it didn't take long for them to hit it off. They soon arranged to meet in person and they hit it off even better in person. They started dating and things quickly got serious. Elena introduced Gregory to her family and they welcomed him with open arms. It wasn't long before Gregory knew that Elena was the one for him. He proposed and she said yes! They were married shortly after and they were happier than they ever could have imagined.
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Nick FindEuropeanBeauty logo
Nick had just turned 40, and he was feeling a bit lonely. He had been married once, but it hadn't worked out, and he was now single. He decided to try online dating, and after a few weeks of browsing, he found Lizy. She was 20 years old, and she seemed like a kind person. They started talking on the phone, and soon they were texting all the time. Nick felt like he had finally found someone special. One day, Nick asked Lizy to come over to his house for dinner. She agreed, and they made plans for the following week. When she arrived, Nick could tell that she was nervous. But when they sat down at the table together and started talking, they both felt comfortable very quickly. They laughed and talked about their lives until late into the night. It was clear that they were falling in love with each other.

10 Tips For Being With A European Girl

If you want to be with a European girlfriend, you must be aware of cultural differences. Please review the following tips on successful dating a stunning European woman online or offline:

Make the First Move

When searching for a woman in Europe, it is a good idea to make the first move. Even though hot Italian, Spanish and Portuguese women are more chatty and flirty than shy Polish or Czech brides, they still prefer a guy to make the first move.

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Be Honest About Your Feelings

Being direct with a Latin or Asian woman is not always a good idea. Speaking about your feelings (if they are not mutual) can make a fiery Latin woman mad, while it can make a sensitive Asian girl devastated. Luckily, you do not have to worry about speaking your mind with a European woman. Girls from Germany and the Netherlands are very honest and sincere, so be the same.

Offer to Pay a Bill

When dating a European woman, it is a common practice to split a bill. Well, it is definitely a good idea to offer to pay a bill. If your date says no and wants to share the bill, then she will still appreciate you asking.

Do Not Try to Change Your European Date’s Opinion

European women are self-sufficient and smart. They like when men admire their intelligence and ability to make decisions themselves. A big mistake you can make is if you try to change your European girlfriend’s opinion or try to persuade her. This will undoubtedly annoy her and make you think you do not think highly of her.

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Speak Highly of Your Family

The best way to impress a woman is to talk highly of your family. When you say nice things about your parents, siblings, and even friends, it always attracts a woman. By showing that you have a warm, close and respectful relationship with your family, a woman will likely think of you as a good potential life partner.

Arrange an “Active” Date

European women lead an active lifestyle. If you come to Germany, Netherlands, Austria, or Switzerland, you will see many women on bikes, running, or toning their bodies in gyms. It is undoubtedly a good idea to invite a good-looking European woman to hike, take bikes and ride along a river or sightseeing, or visit a new place together. Romantic dates in restaurants with wine and candles seem old-fashioned now.

Learn About European Girls’ Preferences Before the First Date

It can be pretty uncomfortable to invite your date to watch local movies or listen to local music if she doesn’t like it. Also, it would be weird to go to a Japanese restaurant if she doesn’t fancy Asian food. To make a date go smooth and comfortable for both of you, find out about your date’s interests and preferences in advance. While chatting through a dating site, look for even a little sign. This will help you to play a perfect and unforgettable date.

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Compliment on European Woman’s Look

One thing that always puts a smile on European ladies’ faces is when men compliment their looks. Every time you see your date, be generous with words and compliments on your date’s look. Notice her dress, shoes, or hair: this will make a woman like you even more.

Do Not Rush to Introduce Her to Your Family

When you meet European girls, you may want to marry them straight away in order not to lose a chance of being with such a smart future wife. However, rushing to introduce her to your family may scare her. Unlike Asian and Latin women who dive into a serious relationship and connect with their partners’ families fast due to their unique European culture, European woman need time to test relationships.

Dress Properly

Most women in Europe have a good sense of style and dress casually, especially for a date. You will undoubtedly make a good impression in European countries if you wear a shirt, jeans and clean shoes. Do not forget about a nice aftershave. Every European bride will admire your efforts.

Find additional useful info in this video.

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Statistics Of Aspects Of Why Foreigners Date European Women

Here are a few reasons why foreign men want to meet European women online and build a serious relationship with them:


  1. UK men want local girls who are less interested in alcohol and lead a healthy lifestyle, and interested in having their body healthy and in good shape.
  2. They seek rural women to spend time together rather than in a big group of friends.


  1. Canadian guys want to meet beautiful women from Europe who would be more family-oriented and less career-minded.
  2. Local men seek women who would like to spend more time at home, cook delicious meals and spend more time with children.


  1. Men from the US dream of finding feminine local women who take good care of themselves and respect men,
  2. More and more Foreigners from America want to get acquainted with women who want men to lead in relationships.

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Conclusion On Dating European Women

Dating a European girl is a dream of many western men. European girls are pretty, feminine, and intelligent as they take education seriously. If you want to marry a woman with family values but not the one who wants to stay at home and not work, then the EU is the right destination. It is only left to decide what nationality woman you would like to date: intelligent and hard-working German, passionate Italian, or devoted and romantic Polish. Do not forget about hotties from other countries in the EU. Hot European women on dating websites will take your breath away and make you want to meet them in real life.