Mongolian Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Mar 2023
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Mongolian Women, like females from any other ethnic group in Asia, have their own unique facial features and physical characteristics. These features make their appearance really unique and not like other women. In turn, personal qualities and character traits shaped mostly by Mongolian Culture make these East Asian women understandable and easy-going partners in relationships.

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Mongolian women’s features, their personal characteristics and beauty standards are what you will find out as you continue reading. Whether you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of Mongolian Women, or simply appreciate their unique beauty, this article has valuable information for you.

What do Mongolian Women usually look like?

Mongolian Women’s appearance is greatly influenced by the blending of their genetical backgrounds. The combination of Asian and European genetic heritage is visible in their physical characteristics, such as high cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, and straight black hair. The nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolian people has also played a role in shaping their appearance, with a tendency towards a lean and athletic build.

Overall, the blend of genetical backgrounds and the nomadic lifestyle have greatly influenced the appearance and facial features of modern Mongolian Women.

What do Mongolian Women usually look like?

Mongolian Women typically have an average height of 162cm (5 feet 3 inches) and an average weight of 56kg (123lbs). They are known for their distinct body shape, characterized by a relatively broad shoulder and a relatively narrow hip.

The physical appearance of Mongolian Women is based on the following physiological parameters:

  • Height. One unique physical characteristic of Mongolian Women is their height. They tend to be on the shorter side, with an average height of 162cm. This is due in part to the fact that Mongolia is a landlocked country with a harsh climate, which can make it difficult for people to grow tall. Despite this, Mongolian Women are known for being strong and resilient, able to withstand the challenges of living in such a rugged environment.
  • Weight. Another unique physical characteristic of Mongolian Women is their weight. They tend to have an average weight of 56kg, which is considered to be on the lower side of the spectrum when compared to other nationalities. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including genetics, diet, and lifestyle. Mongolian Women are traditionally nomadic, and their diet is typically high in protein and low in fat, which helps to keep their weight in check.
  • Body shape. Mongolian Women are known for their distinct body shape. They tend to have a relatively broad shoulder and a relatively narrow hip. This body shape is often described as being “V-shaped,” and it is thought to be a result of the traditional lifestyle of the Mongolian people. The nomadic lifestyle of the Mongols, which includes a lot of horseback riding, has likely contributed to the development of this unique body shape.

Physical characteristics of typical Mongolian Woman:

Average Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Average Height162 cm (5’3″)
Body shapeAthletic

What are typical Mongolian Women’s facial features?

Mongolian Women have a set of unique facial features that distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Asia:

  • Hair color. Mongolian women typically have dark, rich hair hues that range from jet black to deep brown. The most common hair color among Mongolian women is black, which is known for its sleek and shiny appearance. The natural oiliness of their hair helps to enhance its shine and gives it a healthy-looking luster.
  • Hair texture. Mongolian women possess naturally thick and coarse hair that is strong and resilient. The hair is usually straight and has a slight wave, which gives it a natural bounce and movement. The hair texture of Mongolian women is perfect for braids and other traditional hairstyles as well as modern styles.
  • Eye shape. The eye shape of Mongolian women is typically almond-shaped, which is a classic and versatile shape that can be found in many cultures. This eye shape is considered to be a defining feature of beauty in the East. The almond-shaped eyes of Mongolian women are known for their striking and captivating appearance.
  • Eye color. The most common eye color among Mongolian women is brown, which varies from a light, amber-brown to a dark, chocolate-brown. The dark brown eyes of Mongolian women are particularly striking and are often used in traditional artwork. The brown color of their eyes is usually deep and intense, which gives them a captivating and mysterious gaze.
  • Nose shape. The nose shape of Mongolian women is typically broad and straight with a slight bump at the bridge. This nose shape is considered to be strong and elegant, and is common among many ethnic groups in Asia. The broad and straight nose shape of Mongolian women is known for its harmonious balance with the other facial features.
  • Jaw shape. Mongolian women possess a defined jawline that gives them a strong and confident appearance. The jaw shape of Mongolian women is typically square or slightly rounded, which is considered to be a classic and feminine shape. The defined jawline of Mongolian women is a defining feature of their strong and striking appearance.
  • Skin tone. The skin tone of Mongolian women ranges from fair to olive. The most common skin tone among Mongolian women is a warm, golden-olive tone, which is often referred to as having a “healthy glow.” This skin tone is considered to be a defining feature of beauty in the East and is often sought after in other cultures.
  • Lip shape. Mongolian women possess full lips that are typically a deep and rich shade of red. The lips of Mongolian women are considered to be a defining feature of their beauty and are often highlighted in traditional artwork. The full and red lips of Mongolian women are known for their sensual and alluring appearance.
  • Eyebrow shape. The eyebrow shape of Mongolian women is typically thick and well-defined. The brows are often shaped into a curved or slightly angled shape, which is considered to be elegant and feminine. The thick and well-defined eyebrows of Mongolian women are a defining feature of their striking and captivating appearance.

Facial features of typical Mongolian Woman:

Face shapeRound, Square
Hair colorBlack, Brown
Eye colorBrown, Blue
Skin toneLight, Medium
Lip shapeFull, Thin
Jawline shapeSharp, Round
Nose shapePointed, Round
Eyebrow shapeThick, Thin
Forehead shapeHigh, Low

What are the characteristics of Mongolian Women?

The personal qualities of a modern Mongolian woman are also shaped by a variety of factors, with cultural background being a major influence. Mongolia is a country with a rich history and a unique culture that has been shaped by a combination of nomadic and settled lifestyles. Mongolian women are known for their strength, resilience, and independence, which are all qualities that are deeply rooted in the country’s cultural heritage.

Mongolian society places a strong emphasis on family and community, which shapes the personal qualities of Mongolian women, as well as their sense of responsibility and duty towards their loved ones.

The personality traits of a typical Mongolian woman that determine the way she communicates and interacts with people around her:

  • Resistant to new ideas. Mongolian women have a tendency to resist new ideas, preferring to stick to what they know and trust. This trait can make them appear stubborn or inflexible to others, particularly in discussions or negotiations. However, it is important to remember that this trait is rooted in a desire for stability and security, rather than a lack of open-mindedness. It may take some time and effort to persuade a Mongolian woman to consider a new idea, but once she is convinced, she will be fully committed to it.
  • Attention to detail. Mongolian women are known for their attention to detail, taking care to ensure that everything is done correctly and to a high standard. This trait can make them valuable team members in workplaces or group projects, as they can be counted on to catch mistakes and ensure that quality is maintained. However, it can also make them appear nitpicky or overly critical to others, especially if they are not familiar with their way of working. It’s important to keep in mind that their attention to detail is driven by a strong sense of responsibility and dedication.
  • Enjoys being the center of attention. Many Mongolian women enjoy being the center of attention, relishing in the spotlight and enjoying the admiration of others. This trait can make them charismatic and engaging, able to captivate audiences and charm those around them. However, it can also lead to a perceived sense of vanity or self-absorption, particularly if they are not attuned to the needs and feelings of others. It’s important to recognize that this trait is not necessarily negative and that these women often use their social skills for the benefit of others.
  • Interest in other people. Mongolian women have a great deal of interest in other people, often taking the time to get to know those around them and understand their perspectives. This trait can make them empathetic and compassionate, able to connect with others on a deep level. However, it can also make them appear nosy or intrusive, particularly if they are not aware of boundaries or personal space. It’s important to remember that their curiosity is driven by a genuine desire to understand and connect with others.
  • Worries about many different things. Many Mongolian women tend to worry about many different things, often dwelling on potential problems and negative outcomes. This trait can make them anxious or stressed, and can cause them to miss out on positive experiences. However, it is important to note that this trait is rooted in a strong sense of responsibility and care. Mongolian women are often very protective and nurturing of their loved ones, and this trait stems from their desire to keep them safe and secure.

What are the Mongolian Women’s beauty standards?

No one can better describe the standards of female beauty in Mongolia than real Mongolian women. We asked women living in major cities in Mongolia in different regions of the country to share their opinions on the beauty standards of Mongolian women.

“In Mongolia, we consider a woman with a healthy, toned body to be beautiful. Long, thick hair is also highly valued, as well as having a clear and radiant complexion. A woman who takes care of her skin and maintains a youthful appearance is considered beautiful.”

— Erdenechimeg Munkh-Erdene
Age. 29 years.
Place of Birth. Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Occupation. Nurse.
Marital status. Single.

“Most Women in Mongolia believe that beauty is not just about physical appearance, but also about inner qualities. A woman who is intelligent, well-spoken and respectful is considered beautiful. A woman who is confident and carries herself with grace is also considered beautiful.”

— Bayarmaa Dashnyam
Age. 31 years.
Place of Birth. Darkhan, Mongolia.
Occupation. Sales representative.
Marital status. Married, 1 child.

How are Mongolian Women different from other East Asian women?

When it comes to physical appearance, Mongolian women have some distinct characteristics that differentiate them from other East Asian women. To understand these differences, let’s examine how Mongolian women compare to women from other East Asian countries.

What are the differences between Mongolian Women and Korean Women?

Mongolian and Korean women possess distinct physical features that set them apart from one another. Firstly, Mongolian women tend to have a more robust and angular facial structure, with prominent cheekbones and jawlines. Their skin is often tanned due to their nomadic lifestyle, and they have thick, dark hair. In contrast, Korean women are known for their delicate and refined facial features, such as small noses and mouths, and smooth, clear skin. They also have a tendency towards lighter hair color.

Another key difference between the two is the way they style their hair. Mongolian women often wear their hair in braids or loose, natural styles, while Korean women frequently opt for more polished and structured hairstyles, such as the iconic “K-pop” hairstyle characterized by straight, sleek hair and bangs. Korean Women’s features also includes their eyes, which are usually smaller and almond-shaped, in contrast to the rounder eyes of Mongolian women.

Overall, these cultural and genetic differences lead to striking physical distinctions between Mongolian and Korean women, making them easy to differentiate from one another.

Concluding words on the Mongolian women’s characteristics

Mongolian Women are known for their unique and striking facial features, as well as their strong and independent personalities. While beauty standards may vary across different cultures, it is clear that Mongolian women possess their own distinct brand of elegance and charm.

Understanding the features and characteristics of Mongolian Women not only helps to appreciate their beauty, but also to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and society that they come from. We hope this article has been informative and enjoyable for our readers, and that you have gained a new appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Mongolian women.

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