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Updated on Mar 2023
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Experience is the best teacher in our lives. It is a pity that a person learns only from his mistakes. And your failed relationships are great proof of that. You dated a woman for a long time who had a different outlook on life. She preferred a different pastime, had a different sense of humor, and so on. But you spent two years together, although you understood the lack of prospects.

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Well, now you know to look for a woman who has a personality similar to yours – cheerful, energetic, and cheerful. And recently you read an interesting article about Dutch people’s features and realized that this is your spiritual homeland. It seems that this is where you can find a kindred spirit. Our review is useful for you because here we will talk about how to spot a Dutch woman and other important features regarding the Dutch appearance and the character of the inhabitants of this country.

What Do Dutch Women Look Like?

Let’s talk a little about how a typical Dutch woman looks like. Local girls have a Western European type of appearance. As a rule, these are pleasant features, short dark hair, and a sweet smile. They often prefer natural beauty and do not use makeup. And this is another advantage because if you see a pretty Dutch woman, you can be sure that she will be beautiful both in the evening and in the morning. We also note the cheerful nature and the fire burning in her eyes. A positive attitude toward life and a great sense of humor is one of the main components of Netherlands beauty. Next to such a partner, life becomes brighter, more colorful, and amazing.

Dutch Facial Features

You have seen famous Dutch women and you know what they look like. You can admire such Lonneke Engel, Sofie Fleming, Valerie van der Graaf, and other charming ladies endlessly. But let’s talk about the physical characteristics of the Dutch people to understand more.

What do Dutch eyes look likePerhaps one of the most important Dutch facial features is their eyes. Local girls, as a rule, have big blue or brown eyes. But not only the shape or color is important, but their look, looking around with delight and optimism. Netherlands beautiful women are very cheerful and ready for various interesting events. Together with them, you can get a lot of pleasant emotions.
What does a Dutch nose look likeAlso, we will note the Dutch facial features nose. The nose is well-shaped and small. Sometimes it can be snub-nosed, sometimes flattened. But most often it harmonizes perfectly with other facial features. Thanks to this, and a cute smile, Dutch chicks look cute and charming.
Lips of pretty Dutch womenLet’s continue talking about Dutch face features and look at the lips of pretty Dutch women. Typically, typical Dutch women don’t use a lot of make-up. Therefore, their lips look thin. And this contrasts interestingly with a sweet smile and evenly shaped teeth. This smile is capable of captivating and bewitching men, warming their hearts.
Dutch women hairWe continue to talk about what do Dutch women look like and now let’s look at hair and hairstyles. In this country, you can meet a girl with hair of any color and a hairstyle of any shape. You can even find curvy all-natural Dutch woman here. But if we are talking about a common type, then most often local ladies have blond straight or wavy hair.
Typical Dutch woman bodyInterestingly, many Dutch women don’t care about their figures. You can meet a lot of fat women on the streets and oversized clothes are sold in stores. However, it is also worth noting Dutch traits physical are associated with a fast metabolism. Therefore, you can also find a slim and athletic woman. Especially if you cooperate with a high-quality and reliable dating site.

What Are the Characteristics of Dutch Woman?

Well, now you know what do Dutch girls look like, let’s talk about their national characteristics. What do we know about Holland? Perhaps this is the most emotional and colorful country in Europe. Land of tulips and entertainment. No wonder the people here are welcoming, cheerful and friendly. However, the list of Dutch features is much wider. And we will tell you about the main nuances because your life will change for the better next to a beautiful Dutch girl.

Active Lifestyle

You can forget about boredom or routine if you started dating beautiful Dutch women. Local girls do not like to be bored or stay at home. Dutch brides prefer an active lifestyle – traveling, cycling, running, playing sports, etc. Moreover, such women know how to properly plan a vacation, so that your vacation becomes as pleasant and amazing as possible.


Another feature of the beautiful local girls. The Average Dutch woman is self-sufficient and does not want to live off her husband’s finances. Moreover, they are very ambitious, which allows them to build a good career and also replenish the family budget. And most importantly – they believe in love and do not need expensive gifts. For Dutch girls, the best gift is the attention of a husband. Also, local women know how to plan finances well, so your family budget will be enough for both a pleasant vacation and a comfortable everyday life.

True Passion

We talked about the features of appearance and even made a portrait of the average Dutch face. But there is another important point. Holland is a very free country and the locals have loose morals. Yes, every day with your bride becomes more pleasant and positive. But the real pleasure comes with the advent of the night. Because at this time, hot Dutch women are ready to show their best. Local girls know that there are no limits in love and relationships, and two people in love can give each other real passion. Get ready for the Dutch bride to turn your fantasies into reality and you will discover new horizons of pleasure.

Dutch Women Style

It is worth saying that average Dutch women are not very interested in fashion and do not try to buy new things from the latest collections. As a rule, the main criteria when choosing clothes are convenience and practicality. This Dutch women’s style is also convenient for you. After all, your girlfriend will not spend a lot of money on new jewelry, fur coats, dresses, etc. Next to you is now a real partner who shares your views, and also helps to replenish the family budget. However, you can also imagine gorgeous Dutch women in a stylish evening dresses. This look really suits her. Moreover, local ladies know how to look sexy not only in an evening dress but also in casual clothes.


Thanks to our review, you know what are Dutch women like, as well as about the character traits of local women. It is time to move from theory to practice. Choose a quality dating site and go through the registration procedure. The next step is to fill out a personal profile and set up search filters. Specify the main features of the Dutch woman’s face, character traits, and other factors. Now the algorithm will select the best options for you, and you can start chatting with the girl you like. Find out more about her character and outlook on life, so you will understand how your relationship will develop. And now you can ask her out on a date and start building a real relationship.


What are Common Features of Dutch Woman?

We have compiled a portrait of a typical Dutch woman in our review. And now you can recognize a girl from this country anywhere. But it is also worth noting other features of the character of beautiful women from the Netherlands. As a rule, these are positive ladies with a great sense of humor. Strong and independent, so the relationship with them is like a partnership. And this is not bad, because together with a soul mate you can reach new heights of career and personal growth.

How to Spot a Dutch Woman?

You need to pay attention to the main Dutch woman's face features. Look at her eyes - they are brown or blue. Pay attention to thin lips, chic blond hair, and no makeup. Also, one of the important Dutch genetic traits is their cheerfulness and pleasant smile. We also recommend choosing a bride not only by appearance but by character and attitude to life. In this case, you can choose the perfect partner with whom you can build a harmonious relationship.

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