Dating a Latvian Woman – Best Places to Meet Them

Updated on Mar 2023

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Dating a woman from another culture is always a good idea for grooms tired of area partners. International dating has a few serious advantages compared to dating someone from your motherland. Yes, things are not always that straightforward. The moment when the two worlds collide may lead to an explosion that will create something fantastic or ruin everything. To avoid an unfavorable scenario, you always need to gather as much information about the cultural background of your future partner as possible.

Consequently, before going to the core of things and revealing the perks of marrying a Latvian woman, we want you to learn a bit about Latvia.

Latvia is a Baltic country bordering Estonia and Lithuania. Latvia is famous for its wide beaches and huge dense forests. The capital of the country, Riga attracts tourists thanks to its wooden buildings, Art Nouveau houses, the huge Central Market, the medieval Old Town, and charming brides. A Soviet country in the past, now Latvia is part of the European Union.

Thus, local brides are the embodiment of a well-equilibrate combination of Western trends and the traditional social order. This is one of the characteristics of a Latvian woman that make her so desirable. Keep reading to learn how to meet Latvian women offline and online!

Latvian women

Latvian Women Characteristics


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Latvian Women Characteristics

1 Absolutely Gorgeous
2 Well-Educated
3 Hard-Workers
4 Hot-Tempered

Absolutely Gorgeous

If we had only one word to describe brides from Latvia, it would be classy. If you have ever seen a Latvian girl, you might have wondered, “why on Earth is she so stunning?” The answer is simple: genetics and good work. Besides, sexy Latvian women are among the highest in the world. The average height of a girl in Latvia is 170 cm which makes these brides excellent for men who go mad about tall girls.

Most of the Latvian brides have typical blonde or brown hair, blue or green eyes, full lips, and stunning physiques.

These beauties have a unique sense of style. Latvian women are more restrained in terms of looks than Russian or Ukrainian brides. The style of local babes is a mix of comfort and elegance.


According to statistics, more young women than young men have higher education in Latvia. This fact speaks of itself. Local women believe in the importance of higher education. Studies also show 50% more women enrollment in universities than men. However, it’s not the only university education that makes Latvian singles well-versed in all aspects of life. Latvian Mail Order Brides are interesting interlocutors, Latvia mail order brides have an opinion on every issue and know to keep the conversation going.

Hot Latvian Girls are Hard-Workers

Women in Latvia have grown surrounded by some great women around them. The chances that both spouses in a Latvian family have a successful career are quite high. Girls in Latvia take an example of a successful woman from females of her family and pursue this idea in her life. Feminism as we know is from the West is irrelevant in these brides’ lives. But still, there are no preconceptions about where a woman’s place is. Every girl has her own answer to the question, “Should dI start a family or build a career first?” Unlike Russian or Ukrainian brides who get married even before obtaining a degree, Latvian girlfriends prefer walking down the aisle at an older age.

Hot-Tempered and Proud

Female population in Latvia outnumbers males. However, it doesn’t make them run to every man who approaches them. These brides have a sense of self-worth. Latvian women may be lonely for years and still picky when it comes to a choice of a lifetime partner. Well, Latvian girls are extremely attractive, and it’s quite a solid reason for being picky. Hot Latvian women expect you to do all the chasing because European women don’t want to seem desperate. These brides can demand lots of attention from a man. Childish? Well, it may be, but when it comes to Latvian girl dating, the game is worth the candles.

Where Can You Meet Latvian Girls?

Online Dating Sites

Managing online dating to meet a Latvian single woman is a superb idea. Keep in mind that dating these ladies is a serious business, so you should be picky when it comes to choosing a dating site to join.

Pay attention to the security level, prices and search for real reviews from real users. Beware of scammers. Following the call of heart sounds romantic but don’t let it mute the mind. Make sure that your brides’ photos are verified. Video calls can be handy to seal the deal, too, before you consider sustaining a relationship with a potential Latvian wife.


For foreigners who decide to use a traditional in-person approach, setting off to the capital Riga is the best option. The main area for singles nightlife in Riga is definitely going to be in Old Town. If you want to be as close to the best parties and clubs as possible, you should definitely rent accommodation in the Old town.

Latvian females adore karaoke as an alternative for a simple nightclub. Not a big deal but not everyone’s cup of tea either. Here is a list of a few singles bars and nightclubs to pick up Riga girls:

  • Studio 69 at Tērbatas iela 73
  • La Rocca at Royal Casino Hotel, Brivibas iela 96
  • Omas Briljiants at Audēju iela 7
  • Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs at Peldu iela 19
  • Coyote Fly at Tērbatas iela 2

Daytime Approach

Once again, Riga’s old town would be the best option. In this area, you can meet Latvian ladies who are open to striking a conversation. Greet them with coffee, chat them up and see if anything happens. Some more options to meet local women looking for American women shopping malls and districts like:

  • Stockman Shopping Centre
  • Shopping Center Origo
  • Galerija Centrs
  • Alfa
  • Riga Plaza

Hot Latvian Girls

Dating a Latvian Girl: Top Tips and Tricks

Be Romantic

Even the most self-sufficient bride dreams of a little romance. For Latvian brides, romance is really in short supply and therefore worth its weight in gold. Therefore, a bouquet of flowers and a non-trivial SMS in the morning are those romantic gestures that will never get superfluous while dating Latvian women. As well as a dinner in the candlelight, a boat ride at sunset, or a declaration of love in a balloon basket. Girls in a Latvian country don’t really need much to be tickled pink.

Don’t be a Miser

All females appreciate generosity in a man, and gorgeous Latvian brides are no exception. It doesn’t mean at all that you are obliged to shower a random girl with diamonds on the second date or present her with the newest Porsche. But you shouldn’t skimp on pleasant little things: perfumes, sweets, tickets to a concert or a nightclub, a cocktail at a bar at your expense, etc. Latvian beauties believe that life is too short to spend in on greedy men.

Say Compliments

Saying the right compliments is a form of art. Telling a girl that she has nice breasts or a tight ass is unlikely to give her much pleasure. But praising her hair, lipstick color, or admiring the good manners of her dog at the right time is the first step towards winning her heart. Just be careful and don’t overdo it. If the girl is not silly (and a Latvian woman is not silly), then she will quickly distinguish a sincere compliment from luscious flattery.

Don’t Compare Them to Russian Girls

Before 1991, Latvia was a part of a big country called the Soviet Union. Nowadays, it’s a sovereign state with its own language and traditions. Truth be told. Latvians feel a little tension in relationships with Russians. Due to the common past, Latvians understand Russian and may well converse in it. But don’t assume it brings them much pleasure. Never ever say how much they resemble brides from Russia and how much you love her speaking Russian.

Don’t Insist on Paying the Bill

Who pays the bill is a controversial issue in Latvia. Most of the local girls have a traditional upbringing. They believe it’s right to let a man pay the bill. However, emancipation and Western trends have also played their part. Some brides don’t mind splitting the bill. A Latvian woman pays her part in a restaurant in order not to feel like owing a man. How to know what “category” belongs to a woman you’re seeing? When the waiter comes with a bill, handle it on your own. If a lady suggests going Dutch, refuse. If she insists one more time, let her do that.

Benefits Of Marrying a Latvian Bride?

She Will Be Ready to Relocate

Latvian women are highly patriotic. A Latvian woman respects the motherland and wouldn’t let you speak badly about the place where they were born and raised. Nonetheless, because of the shortage of local men, they are willing to seek love outside of the country and relocate if needed.

Unique Wedding Customs

A traditional wedding ceremony in Latvia holds many traditions. Your bride will surely want to incorporate a few customs into your wedding ceremony. A particularly beautiful tradition in Latvia is the compulsory visit of a young couple of seven different bridges. According to local beliefs, this ceremony is intended to lead the newlyweds to a happy and prosperous life.

You Get a Respectful Spouse

Latvian brides are not overly possessive. They give their men a certain level of freedom to make sure he is not trapped in the family routine. A wife from Latvia will make you feel wanted as much as she can while being supportive of your aspirations. All she needs in return is you to remain faithful and respectful towards her.

She Becomes a Loving Mother For Your Kids

It’s no problem if you have kids from a previous marriage. Beautiful Latvian women love children, so there’s a strong reason to believe they become great mothers. When in marriage with a man who has children, they don’t distinguish between “her” and “not her” kids. Latvian wives would undeniably love all babies in the family. But bear in mind that same they expect from you. If you’re not ready to accept her kids, then she’ll search for another man.

No Language Barrier

As we said, girls in Latvia are highly educated. Besides, the country is a part of European Unions, and it’s no surprise that the majority of women can speak English. Of course, you shouldn’t expect them to be proficient speakers. Some brides speak basic English, while others may sound like natives. It’s highly individual, but the general impression locals create is highly satisfying.

Latvian Girl

Do Latvian Women Marry Foreigners?

Yes, Latvian women for marriage are totally into foreign grooms. Most girls have a few, not just one reason to become mail order brides and seek love abroad.

Shortage of Men

There is an obvious shortage of men in Latvia. The high mortality rate among local men is a serious problem. Very often, charming Latvian brides cannot find a partner in their homeland. Therefore they often leave in search of love to other countries of the EU or the U.S. If a woman is divorced or widowed and has a kid, it automatically makes it almost impossible to find a new spouse in Latvia. And this to the next issue.

Local Men Act Like Princesses

No competition, no stimuli for self-development. Area men are well aware to be in demand. He can just explore the sofa all day and wait until a woman approaches him first. The chivalry is almost dead.

They are Eager of Dating Someone From Another Culture

Not only hot Latvian singles are interested in foreigners because they lost hope in local men. It’s because these ladies are fascinated with the idea to get to know someone from another cultural background. The foreigner status adds a layer of interest and makes you more desirable in the eyes of local women looking for love.

How long does it take to get married in Latvia?

To get married in Latvia, you must first submit a notice of marriage to the Civil Registry Office. The notice must be submitted no later than four months before the date of the planned marriage. You will need to provide various documents, including your passport, birth certificate, and proof of single status. Once the paperwork is in order, you will need to pay a fee and schedule an appointment with a civil registrar. The actual ceremony is relatively brief and can be conducted in Latvian or English. After the ceremony, you will receive a marriage certificate which is valid worldwide. Congratulations! You are now married!


Beautiful and unattainable from first sight, Latvian women are the world’s most beautiful wives. A Latvian wife is just as beautiful as a Ukrainian woman and as progressive as a German lady. Brides from Latvia love strong men ready to put some effort into initiating relationships. If you’re ready to woo a lady and shower her with sincere compliments, then don’t waste a minute! Head to Riga or join a Latvian dating site to meet your love in Latvia!

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