Dating a Danish Woman – Best Places To Meet Them

Updated on Mar 2023
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Still, imagine a Danish dating area as a minefield that a foreigner risks not crossing? Calm down, and I’m here to guide you to a happy end with a Danish single woman. Keep reading to know how to find and seduce local women looking for American men.

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Dating in Denmark can get tricky for foreigners who are not familiar with Scandinavian dating culture. It’s believed that Danes don’t date in a traditional sense. Let’s see if it’s actually true and how a Danish girl dating differs from seeing an Eastern European lady.

First, Danes skip the flirting process and tend to be direct about their feelings. Of course, when it comes to romance, every person is diverse. Some Danish women would really love to get signs of affection from men. Just in general, these women don’t expect acts of chivalry as much as women in Ukraine or Russia do.

Second, both genders can initiate dating. Who takes the first step is very optional. Girls approaching a man is a common practice. It can be attributed to the fact that Danish society has been built on an egalitarian model. Everyone is considered equal.

The next thing you need to learn is related to sex. Statistics say 80% of 19-year-old Danes have already had sex. Premarital intimacy is normal for locals. It doesn’t make them bad or immoral. People around the world have sex. For Danes, it’s a natural flow of things. Local students have sex education at school. Thus, these women know to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.

Danish women

Why Danish Women?

They Respect Personal Space

What nation sets personal boundaries better than the Scandinavians? Locals value their personal space and don’t invade with others’. When you’re out with friends, a Danish wife will not call to control you. Instead, this girl will dedicate this time to her own hobbies. A woman from Denmark will never check your phone or social network. The sense of personal borders is too strong. Even if a couple lives together, it’s a common practice to spend time separately.

These Brides are Direct

Danish straightforwardness is both an advantage and a downside. The good part is that you always know what’s on her mind. No need to search secret signs or read between the lines to understand what’s going on. If a Danish woman likes you, she’ll let you know. If you made her upset, the girl will also let you know. The downside is that expats are not quite used to this kind of directness. In some cases, you may even think locals sound rude. Well, all you need is to embrace such straightforwardness and think of it as a positive feature. At least, you have one less thing to worry about.


Yes, traditional gender roles are not strong among Danish women. It doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t dream of starting a family one day. Danish brides don’t hurry when it comes to marriage and giving birth to kids. They walk down the aisle as mature and well-established personalities. It’s no weird since beautiful Danish women are surrounded by so many tempting career opportunities that it would be a sin to refuse them. Thus, when a Danish girl decides to start a family, you know that this decision is deliberate and thought-after. They are deeply affectionate to family bonds and treat families like the greatest treasure.

Stunning Looks

Apart from the outstanding characteristics of a Danish woman, men have much more reasons to date these gorgeous brides. Yes, we mean the charming appearance of local girls. A slim, healthy-looking woman with sharp features is a beauty standard in Denmark. Danes are not necessarily blonde and light-eyed. You’ll spot some babes of mixed heritage in the streets of Copenhagen. Despite such a great variety, there’s one thing that unites all Danish mail order brides. Healthy complexions, shining eyes, and irresistible charm. One can easily tell a local woman from the crowd. Keep reading to learn how to meet Danish women.

Where Can You Meet Danish Girls?

Don’t Invest in Day Game and Nightlife

Meeting Danish brides throughout the day is tough. They behave like ice queens and wary strangers. Especially when sober. Interaction with a local woman in a day game is usually awkward. What is more, the absence of a dating culture renders a day game useless. A more thrilling way to know brides in Denmark is the nightlife. There’s also a trick in it. Nightclubs and bars are better for one-night-stands, not something long-lasting.

Create a Network

Danes are rather a cliquey nation. Social circles are tight. They feel comfortable inside their bubbles and unwilling to let a new person in. The attitude of Danish citizens to foreigners is cordial but not warm. Couples often meet each other thanks to common acquaintances. Instead of spending money in nightclubs and shopping malls, opt for befriending local men. This is a great way to get introduced to a few lonely and hot Danish women. Believe me, and humanity doesn’t know a more natural way to meet Danish ladies.

Online Dating

No matter what your intentions are, getting started online is always the best option. Sign Up on a dating app to arrive in Denmark prepared or date Danish beauties online. This is how you know that a woman is interested in dating foreign guys. We can recommend Tinder and International Cupid, but you can do your own research.

Meet Danish Girls

How To Date a Danish Woman?

Don’t Overdress

Wow, you managed to set up a date with a local woman. Well done, man. Yeah, we know it might not have been an easy breezy task. Now you want to make everything perfect and dress up like visiting a Royal Palace, but slow down. Yes, Danes are stylish, but they rarely wear fancy clothes. They appreciate comfort in the 99% of percent of cases and wouldn’t dress up to go out for a date. A stylish outfit is appreciated as long as you don’t overdo it.

Be Original in Your Choices

I will disappoint you, but a traditional approach that works in the majority of countries may not work in Denmark. A romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant won’t impress a Danish woman. Instead, you risk getting stuck on a table with awkward silence, an expensive bill, and no chance for a next date. Try to think outside the box. You don’t have to come up with crazy ideas. Something more casual like a picnic in a park would go down much better. Make sure you take a bottle of high-class alcohol to break the ice faster.

Know the Balance in Spending

Men shouldn’t insist on paying the bill in Denmark. Leave this “a man pays for everything” to brides from other cultures. If you’re hitting the city’s bars, suggest splitting. You can offer to pay for the first round of drinks. In this case, Danish women will suggest paying for the second one. We know it doesn’t sound very romantic and seems rather sparingly. Nevertheless, it’s a peculiarity you’ll need to embrace. Danish singles are able to pay for themselves and don’t need a man’s financial assistance.

Avoid Controversial Topics

It’s quite a common solution when dating a woman of any nationality, not only girls in Denmark. Danish girls are open-minded. These brides hold strong beliefs and are not reticent to share them only if you’re in close relationships. My advice is to play safe and stick to safe topics in conversation. Avoid advocacy of any of the controversial topics, including politics or religion. There are so many topics suitable for a date. Discuss music, movies, books, foods, and travel.

Benefits Of Marrying a Danish Bride

You Marry an Equal Partner

Scandinavian girls believe in the idea of feminism. They have access to high-quality degrees and the opportunity to build successful careers. The role of Danish wives as housewives is left in the past. The girl will earn equally with you and thus expect to share house duties. Local brides don’t expect a man to sponsor all their whims. These women are very progressive in matters of equal rights.

Contribute to Your Health

Danes lead a generally healthy lifestyle. Or at least much healthier than the U.S citizens. They choose bikes over cars and active leisure instead of exploring the coach. Marrying a Danish bride, you can’t help but join her in her healthy ways. Sounds engaging, isn’t it?

Unique Wedding Culture

Denmark’s traditional wedding is a must-see. Undoubtedly, when it comes to weddings, every country has various wedding traditions, and Denmark is no different. A Danish bride will surely want to find a way to incorporate a few of them into your wedding ceremony. Tearing of a veil, cutting a groom’s socks, and decorating a bride’s door with aeresport are only a few of many wedding customs. Combine them with the customs of your country to impress all guests with a genuine international wedding.

No Annoying Care

Or, to be more precise, they don’t turn into mammas. A Danish mail order bride believes in your ability to take care of yourself enough to sew, put dirty clothes to the washing machine, wash the dishes, and buy some clothes. This helps to keep the spark in sex. All in all, having a mom in bed isn’t really arousing.

beautiful Danish Bride

Do Danish Women Marry Foreigners?

Dating a Danish woman may be tough for foreigners. Unlike Latina girls, who often fall for foreigners, brides from Denmark are less restrained about marrying an expat. You see, the competition is high. Danish men are tall, good-looking, and financially stable. Almost every year, Danes top the list of happiest nations. You won’t surprise the Danes with high incomes or U.S residence because they’re definitely not the gold diggers. Knowing that a foreigner status won’t earn you extra points makes you seek other ways to win the heart of a Danish bride.

Don’t lose faith. Marrying a Danish girl is still possible if you understand the mindset of locals and treat brides equally. They don’t love boastful machos and prefer calm and stable men with whom to share a good drink.


Hot danish girls are alluring ice queens that magnetize grooms from around the world. Marriage with a Danish bride gives a sense of confidence. These women are the embodiment of a progressive woman who manages to preserve its feminine charm. Local brides are not the easiest to get. They require a very special approach. To date a Danish bride, men need to comprehend that traditional methods may not work as expected. Get armed with some patience and think outside the box. After all, you’ll see that the Danish dating scene is worth surviving.

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