Samoan Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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Samoan women are an incredibly diverse group; from their physical features to their personalities, there is much to learn and admire about this amazing culture. Their naturally dark complexions are complimented by deep brown eyes and full lips that capture the hearts of many. It’s no wonder they’re sought after in the realms of beauty, fashion, and art. Moreover, their warm and welcoming personalities stem from centuries of tradition and have earned them respect throughout the South Pacific region. In this article, we’ll take a deeper look into the features – appearance and personality – that make Samoan women so unique.

What do Samoan women look like?

Samoan women are beautiful and have a variety of physical features. Generally, they have a darker complexion, with black or dark brown hair and eyes. Samoan women tend to have wide hips and larger breasts than other Polynesian ethnic groups due to their mixed heritage. They also often have broader shoulders and strong arms, making them look powerful and confident.

Samoan Women Facial Features

The most distinct facial feature of Samoan women is the shape of their faces, which usually has an oval-like form. It is common for them to have high cheekbones, a prominent chin, full lips and a wider nose bridge. These traits make them appear exotic and feminine at the same time. In addition to this, many Samoan women also have almond shaped eyes that come in various shades of brown depending on each individual’s genetic background.

Samoan Women

Physical characteristics of typical Samoan Woman

Samoan women have an average height of 167 cm (5 feet 6 inches) and an average weight of 82 kg (181 lb.). Their body shapes generally lean towards a pear-shaped category, characterized by a smaller upper torso compared to their lower counterparts. Factors such as genetics, environmental influences, and lifestyle choices impact their physical characteristics.

Samoan Women Personality Traits

Samoan women are known for being warm and welcoming people with big hearts. They are compassionate towards others and take pride in helping out those less fortunate than themselves. Additionally, they are resilient individuals who always strive to rise above any challenges they face with tenacity. Furthermore, Samoan women possess great leadership qualities that allow them to become strong role models for their community. They are generous yet practical when it comes to managing money or resources as well as their time commitments in order to best serve those around them.

Samoan Women are Very Open-Minded

Samoan women have a very open outlook on life and the world. They have a deep and genuine interest in learning new things and embracing different cultures. Samoans welcome visitors with open arms and often show them great hospitality. This openness is also evident when it comes to social activities, as Samoan women are eager to take part in events that allow them to interact with people of other backgrounds. They are not afraid to express themselves or express their opinions, even if they are controversial in nature. This openness helps create an environment of trust, understanding and respect between individuals of all cultures.

Samoan Women Enjoy Socializing with Friends and Family

Samoan women love to spend time with their family and friends, especially during holidays and special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. It’s not uncommon for large groups of women to gather for parties or potluck dinners where stories will be shared, jokes will be cracked, laughter will be heard, and memories will be created. Socializing provides an opportunity for these ladies to reconnect with one another and maintain strong bonds within their communities. Furthermore, it allows them the chance to share their culture with those around them who may not know much about it otherwise.

Samoan Women are Friendly

Along with being open-minded towards different ideas and customs, Samoan woman are incredibly friendly people by nature. They often approach strangers without any hesitation or fear in order to start conversations or just simply greet them warmly. Their sincere kindness radiates from within which quickly puts others at ease in their presence. In addition to this, they possess a great sense of humor that is sure to bring smiles (and sometimes tears!) out of their friends whenever they get together – making moments spent among them memorable ones indeed!

What are the Samoan Women’s beauty standards?

When it comes to beauty standards among Samoans, there is still much debate about what is considered attractive or desirable when looking at physical features such as skin tone, facial features or size of certain body parts such as breasts or hips. While some prefer lighter skin tones over darker ones; others insist that beauty lies in all shades of skin color from the fairest white complexions all the way down to the deepest ebony hues. For example, both freckles and tanned skin are seen as attractive attributes among members of this group. Furthermore, curvy body shapes with larger breasts and wide hips are favored over thin builds. Lastly, strong jawlines along with full lips tend to be appreciated more than slimmer ones.


All in all, it’s evident that many different physical characteristics make up the standard concept of beauty amongst Samoans. This includes not only outward appearance but also inner traits such as strength, intelligence and kindness – which certainly speak louder than any outer attribute could ever do. With so many unique features encompassing their ideal version of beauty, one thing remains clear: no matter what their area of origin, everyone can appreciate the natural gracefulness that defines these magnificent ladies from Samoa!