Guadeloupean Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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Guadeloupe is a beautiful Caribbean island situated between the Caribbean Sea and North Atlantic Ocean. It is known for its vibrant culture, tropical climate, and stunning natural beauty. Guadeloupean women are considered to be some of the most beautiful and elegant in the world. They are characterized by their exotic beauty, striking facial features, and captivating personalities. In this article, we will explore what makes Guadeloupean women so attractive by looking at their physical attributes as well as their personality traits.

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What do Guadeloupean women look like?

Guadeloupean women have an exotic beauty which can be seen in their dark eyes, thick dark hair, and smooth dark skin. The average height for a woman from Guadeloupe is 5ft 4 inches tall, with an average weight of 115 lbs. Their bodies tend to be slender with curves in the right places. They generally have small waists but full hips and bootylicious figures that exude confidence and femininity.

Guadeloupean women facial features

The facial features of Guadeloupean women are typically quite striking; they possess delicate high cheekbones, thin noses which turn up slightly at the tip, full lips, and wide almond-shaped eyes that face upward, giving them an enchanting gaze worthy of any supermodel or actress. This attractive combination of features gives them a sultry quality that has earned them admirers all over the world.

Guadeloupean Women

Physical characteristics of typical Guadeloupean Woman

Guadeloupean women possess an average height of 162 cm (5 feet 4 inches) and an average weight of 63 kg (139 lb.). Their body shapes predominantly lean towards an hourglass category, featuring proportionate bust and hip measurements with a narrower waist. Genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices contribute to variations in their physical characteristics.

Guadeloupean women personality traits

As well as being blessed with natural beauty, many Guadeloupean women also have large hearts and interesting personalities, which make them great partners on both platonic and romantic levels. They tend to be outgoing yet sensitive, so they provide a safe space for those around them to share ideas without judgment or being patronized or put down in anyway. Another quality they often possess Is resilience; no matter how difficult things may get, these spirited ladies will always look to find a way out rather than give up completely on their goals or dreams.

Guadeloupean Women are Very Open-Minded

Guadeloupean women are highly regarded for their open-mindedness and willingness to explore new ideas. This is reflected in their strong family values and desire to maintain close relationships with friends and relatives. They possess a keen interest in the world around them and are not afraid to challenge traditional beliefs or customs if it means improving the lives of those around them.

Their progressive attitude has allowed them to become well-rounded individuals who understand that life’s greatest moments are often found outside of one’s comfort zone. Whether it be through learning a new language, exploring different cultures, or engaging in meaningful conversations – Guadeloupean women embrace change and use it as an opportunity to grow intellectually and spiritually.

Guadeloupean Women Enjoy Socializing With Friends And Family

Guadeloupean women are very sociable; they enjoy socializing with friends and family in all settings, whether it be at a bar, restaurant, or home gathering. They take pride in making sure everyone feels welcome and part of the conversation, taking time to listen intently while offering words of encouragement when needed.

They also have a knack for approaching any situation with confidence, which gives them an added level of charisma that many find inspirational. They’re not only great company but also reliable companions as they often put others’ needs before their own when faced with difficult decisions or moral dilemmas.

Guadeloupean Women Are Very Friendly

The friendly nature of Guadeloupean women can be attributed to their positive outlook on life; they focus on what lies ahead rather than dwelling on past experiences or mistakes made along the way. This allows them to stay focused on achieving long term goals while building meaningful connections that will last for generations.

This trait has also enabled these ladies to make friends across countries, cultures, age groups, religions and political views due to their genuine acceptance of all types of people regardless background knowledge or beliefs. In addition they’re quick witted so conversations remain light hearted yet informative as they effortlessly transition from topic to topic without ever returning back onto dated subject matter!

What are the Guadeloupean Women’s beauty standards?

Culturally speaking it’s not uncommon for traditional values to dictate how pretty a woman should look like according to her age group; naturally those between 18-25 are usually predicted to have fuller figures than those who fall outside this category, although exceptions exist (i.e some may prefer slimmer figures). Generally speaking, though longer hair is seen as particularly attractive no matter one’s age while straightening it slightly is also acceptable but dreadlocks remain frowned upon as too “unkempt” looking among society circles. Similarly light coloured nails such as pinkish tones remain popular, although ultimately it really comes down to personal preference when deciding what type of aesthetic one would like best for themselves – anything goes!


In conclusion, there’s little doubt about how attractive, unique, resilient yet loving the wonderful female citizens of guadalupe truly are; yes their faces may betray all sorts of breathtakingly beautiful facial features yet what lies beneath is even more impressive – intelligence, warmth & zestful spirit unlike anything else!

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