I-Kiribati Women Features – Appearance and Personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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I-Kiribati women are proud to call the small island nation of Kiribati their home. They have a unique physical appearance and personalities that make them stand out from other cultures around the world. In this article, we will cover what I-Kiribati women look like, their facial features, personality traits, and beauty standards. We invite you to learn more about I-Kiribati women and understand why they are so special.

What do I-Kiribati women look like?

I-Kiribati women are proud to call the small island nation of Kiribati their home. Physically, I-Kiribati women can be best described as having a gorgeous bronze complexion that stands out from other cultures around the world. This is due to the high amount of melanin production in the skin which makes them more resistant to the effects of sunburns. Their torsos and hips tend to be slender and toned, making for an overall appealing figure. Additionally, I-Kiribati women commonly have long wavy hair that ranges from black to brown in color.

The facial features of I-Kiribati women range depending on their ethnicity but are generally influenced by a mixture of Polynesian and Melanesian heritage. They typically have almond shaped eyes with large pupils and high eyelids, full lips that are slightly bow shaped, and pert noses with narrow bridges. The most common physical feature among I-Kiribati women is their beautiful teeth which often display no signs of discoloration or alignment problems.

I-Kiribati Women

Physical characteristics of typical I-Kiribati Woman

I-Kiribati women possess an average height of 159 cm (5 feet 2 inches) and an average weight of 69 kg (152 lb.). Their body shapes predominantly lean towards an hourglass category, featuring proportionate bust and hip measurements with a narrower waist. Genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices contribute to variations in their physical characteristics.

I-Kiribati Women Facial Features

Eyes: Almond shaped eyes with large pupils and high eyelids Lips: Full lips that are slightly bow shaped Nose: Pert noses with narrow bridges. Teeth: Most have beautiful teeth without discoloration or alignment issues Hair: Long wavy hair ranging from black to brown in color

I-Kiribati Women Personality Traits

I-Kiribati women tend to be strong willed and independent individuals who take pride in taking care of themselves as well as others around them. This can be seen through their commitment towards achieving academic excellence as well as their ability to juggle multiple responsibilities such as childcare, cooking meals for their families, working multiple jobs etc without compromising on quality time with loved ones. Furthermore, they also have a deep respect for culture and tradition which leads them to strongly uphold values such as respect for elders, repaying debts, being generous towards guests etc throughout their lives. Lastly, they also possess great generosity of spirit which reinforces this culture’s core belief that sharing is caring.

I-Kiribati Women: Open-Mindedness

I-Kiribati women are renowned for their open-mindedness and willingness to try new things. This can be observed in the culture, as they often take initiative to explore different fields of knowledge, interests and hobbies. While traditional roles such as motherhood and taking care of the home are still greatly valued, I–Kiribati women also strive to participate in activities beyond these expected roles. For example, many I-Kiribati women are actively involved in politics, advocating for their rights on a local and international level. Additionally, there has been an increase in educational opportunities amongst this group which shows the high priority placed on self-betterment and growth through education.

I-Kiribati Women Enjoy Socializing

I-Kiribati women enjoy spending time with friends and family members whenever possible; they cherish meaningful conversations with people and love to listen intently to others’ stories or ideas. As such, these gatherings tend to be casual yet informative due to their interest in learning about different topics or trends across cultures. These get togethers usually involve sharing food or playing traditional card games together while exchanging stories about their lives or experiences overseas. Additionally, I-Kiribati women frequently visit sacred locations around the island as part of religious practices which further strengthens these bonds between them due to their shared faith system and beliefs.

I-Kiribati Women Are Friendly

The people of Kirabti have a reputation for being warm and friendly; this is true especially among I–Kirabti women who are often hospitable towards visitors from all over the world. This can range from inviting guests into their homes for dinner parties to offering advice when it comes to navigating around unfamiliar places during tourist visits. Additionally,this welcoming disposition extends outside of hospitality settings as well – you will find them giving directions even if you are not asking for one or helping you out if you look lost on your travels – thus setting an example for others too when it comes down to being kind hearted individuals.

What are the I-Kiribati Women’s beauty standards?

Beauty standards in Kiribatai differ depending on one’s age group; however there are a few universal constants across all generations when it comes to beauty ideals within this culture. It is considered attractive if one has clear skin free from any acne marks or blemishes; if they have an even complexion; if they practice good hygiene by bathing regularly; if they keep themselves well groomed (which includes maintaining nails) and wear bright colors; if they slave away at keeping fit both mentally and physically; if they lavish attention on any facial features such as eyes/lips/cheeks through makeup application etc along with adorning oneself with accessories like jewelry anytime necessary – all these factors come together in forming the idealized standard for beauty among the I-Kirabti people.


All in all, the remarkable physical features coupled along with positive traditional traits make up what is considered an attractive ideal among the people of I -Kirabti today. Although beauty standards may vary among different age groups, these core principles remain constant throughout generations in order to maintain a sense of belonging amongst community members.