TOP Chinese Dating Sites: 5 Best Services to Search for a Chinese Partner

China offers a plethora of commendable online dating applications, yet selecting the most reliable and renowned ones can pose a challenge. In this discussion, we shall delve into the top 5 online dating platforms, all of which boast an extensive pool of Chinese women, impeccable repute, and a wide array of supplementary functionalities and services.

best chinese dating sites

TOP 5 Chinese dating websites to meet singles from China online

  • EasternHoneys – the best dating website to meet single Chinese marriage-oriented women in the U.S.
  • AsianMelodies – the best Chinese dating site for foreigners who want to find a Chinese girlfriend.
  • OrchidRomance – the best Chinese dating service to find and build a long-term relationship with a Chinese woman online.
  • LoverWhirl – the best online dating platform to choose for both men and women who are interested in finding a Chinese partner online.
  • CupiDates – the best Chinese niche dating site to use for finding and dating girls from China in 2023.

1. EasternHoneys

EasternHoneys is the best for:

  • American men interested in a serious relationship with single Chinese women located within the U.S.
  • Expats seeking companionship with Chinese women, and valuing a wide range of search functionality to find their ideal match.

Our experts’ review of the EasternHoneys: EasternHoneys is one of the most popular Chinese dating websites available right now, attracting a diverse array of single Chinese women based in the U.S., typically in their 30s and 40s. Many of these women are seeking serious relationships.

This platform stands out for its extensive search functionality, allowing users to find matches based on age range, location, relationship type, and ethnicity. The user base is balanced, boasting a gender ratio of 47% males to 53% females. EasternHoneys also scores high on legal jurisdiction, operating within U.S. laws and Chinese regulations, ensuring a secure online dating experience.

  • 9.9

EasternHoneys’s benefits and unique features:

  • Extensive profile information, facilitating more detailed search results.
  • Efficient moderation to maintain a respectful and secure community.
  • Robust fraud detection systems in place to protect user information.
  • Effective report abuse mechanism for swift action against violators.
  • Background checks to ensure the legitimacy of user profiles.

EasternHoneys’s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteEasternHoneys
Date of launch2017
Available languagesEnglish
Number of monthly active female users80,000
Number of users by gender47% male, 53% female
Success rate70%

2. AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies is the best for:

  • Men outside China desiring serious relationships with a Chinese girlfriend.
  • Adventurous spirits exploring diverse Asian cultures through meaningful connections.

Our experts’ review of the AsianMelodies: AsianMelodies positions itself as a unique Chinese dating service, broadening its reach to include women from countries like Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. Its female audience generally consists of women aged 20-40, seeking meaningful relationships with foreigners. AsianMelodies champions its communication tools – real-time text chat, video call, and email features, all of which cater to diverse user preferences.

The gender ratio leans towards a larger female population (60% female, 40% male), and the mobile application, available for both iOS and Android, scores a solid 4.5 out of 5. The site operates legitimately under Chinese and US laws, with stringent safety measures, including profile privacy settings and user verification methods, ensuring a secure dating environment.

  • 9.9

AsianMelodies’s benefits and unique features:

  • Diverse Payment Methods: Offers convenience through multiple payment options such as Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and mobile payment.
  • Unique Features: Allows exchange of virtual gifts, adding a personal touch to online dating.
  • Flexible Subscription Model: Uses a credit-based system, enabling users to only pay for what they use.
  • Excellent Value for Money: Provides a high-value experience compared to similar services.
  • Refund Policy: Includes a fair refund policy, providing a safety net for users.

AsianMelodies’s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteAsianMelodies
Date of launch2016
Available languagesEnglish
Number of monthly active female users150,000
Number of users by gender40% male, 60% female
Success rate70%

3. OrchidRomance

OrchidRomance is the best for:

  • Men interested in forming serious bonds with Chinese women, focusing on marriage and long-term commitment.
  • Mature individuals with refined tastes seeking Asian beauties, valuing the sophisticated matching tools and the quality of interactions OrchidRomance provides.

Our experts’ review of the OrchidRomance: OrchidRomance is a leading Chinese dating platform, showcasing a diverse pool of women not only from China but also from Japan, South Korea, and Thailand. Women aged 25-40 form the majority, seeking long-term, meaningful relationships.

Three outstanding features of OrchidRomance include profile quality, visibility options, and user verification methods. Users often praise the high-quality profiles with comprehensive personal details, boosting chances for compatible matches. OrchidRomance also ensures visibility options with public and private settings, adding flexibility to your online presence. It emphasizes safety through robust user verification methods, including email and ID verification.

As a testament to its legitimacy, OrchidRomance complies with the online dating laws of both China and the USA. Its secure privacy settings and clear terms of service contribute to a safe and pleasant user experience.

  • 9.9

OrchidRomance’s benefits and unique features:

  • Extensive search filters: Refine your search based on your preferences, ranging from age and location to hobbies and marital status.
  • Communication tools: In addition to instant messaging, OrchidRomance offers virtual gifts and a unique “Flirt” feature to break the ice.
  • Translation services: Ensuring seamless communication, regardless of language barriers.
  • Mobile Application: Available on both iOS and Android platforms with an excellent rating of 4.7/5.
  • Personalized match suggestions: Daily recommendations tailored to your preferences for an efficient dating experience.

OrchidRomance’s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteOrchidRomance
Date of launch2018
Available languagesEnglish, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Thai
Number of monthly active female users150,000
Number of users by gender45% male, 55% female
Success rate48%

4. LoverWhirl

LoverWhirl is the best for:

  • Men and women who are looking to form lasting, deep connections with Chinese partners, find LoverWhirl’s advanced features and extensive user base ideal.
  • Additionally, tech-savvy individuals drawn to intuitive and user-friendly platforms find the well-designed mobile app perfect for their dating aspirations.

Our experts’ review of the LoverWhirl: LoverWhirl is a contemporary Chinese dating site with a well-crafted app, favored by men and women yearning to discover love in the Middle Kingdom. With a female audience primarily consisting of women in their late twenties to early thirties from China’s bustling cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, seeking meaningful and lasting relationships, LoverWhirl offers a diverse and rich dating environment.

The site’s intuitive interface, mobile web availability, and efficient customer service are its key strengths. It boasts an iOS app rated 4.3 stars and an Android app rated 4.4 stars, well-received by users for their smooth performance. Importantly, LoverWhirl complies with privacy laws, incorporates advanced safety measures, and provides comprehensive user verification methods to ensure a secure dating experience.

  • 9.9

LoverWhirl’s benefits and unique features:

  • Robust search filters: Tailor your search to find matches that align with your preferences.
  • Communication features: Enjoy real-time chatting, video calls, and email exchanges for comprehensive interaction.
  • Compatibility quizzes: Improve your match quality by taking quizzes that feed into LoverWhirl’s matching algorithm.
  • Gift and flower service: Delight your potential partners with thoughtful virtual gifts.
  • Translation services: Break language barriers and enhance your communication with your matches.

LoverWhirl’s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteLoverWhirl
Date of launch2018
Available languagesEnglish
Number of monthly active female users120,000
Number of users by gender45% male, 55% female
Success rate80%

5. CupiDates

CupiDates is the best for:

  • Men looking for long-term relationships with Chinese women in their late 20s and early 30s, who appreciate traditional values.
  • Tech-savvy gentlemen who value cutting-edge matching algorithms and a diverse user base to find their ideal match.

Our experts’ review of the CupiDates:

CupiDates is a niche dating site specializing in connecting international men with Chinese women, mainly from Shanghai and Beijing, aged between 24 to 35, seeking serious, long-lasting relationships. Its standout features include:

  • An advanced compatibility-based algorithm that matches users based on shared interests and relationship goals. This results in a success rate of around 60% for users finding a match within the first six months.
  • High-profile quality: Women’s profiles on CupiDates are highly detailed, featuring full bios, interests, and compatibility percentages, with a quality rating of 8.5 out of 10.
  • A strong focus on safety, with a detailed privacy policy and secure verification methods including email and ID verification. This ensures a safe and authentic dating experience.
  • 9.0

CupiDates’s benefits and unique features:

  • In-depth personality test: Helps users find matches with similar values and interests.
  • Customizable search parameters: Allows users to refine their match search based on specific criteria.
  • Multilingual interface: The website supports both English and Mandarin, making it user-friendly.
  • Advanced privacy settings: Users can control who can view their profile and contact them.

CupiDates’s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteCupiDates
Date of launch2018
Available languagesEnglish
Number of monthly active female users150,000
Number of users by gender55% female, 45% male

Comparison of the best Chinese online dating services.

In the comparison table below we compare the five most popular Chinese dating services & apps most widely used by online dating enthusiasts around the world to search and communicate with potential Chinese partners online. This comparison table of China dating sites is based on the six most important parameters that are responsible for a positive and safe online dating experience.

?‍?‍? Number of monthly active users125,000100,00090,00080,00070,000
? Type of additional matching algorithm usedCompatibility-based algorithmProximity-based algorithmAge-based algorithmRelationship type-based algorithmCompatibility-based algorithm
? Mobile app availability (iOS, Android)No ❌No ❌Yes ✅No ❌Yes ✅
⚖️ Site’s legality in the U.S.Legit ✅Legit ✅Legit ✅Legit ✅Legit ✅
⭐ Overall user ratings8.5 ⭐9.2 ⭐8.9 ⭐9.1 ⭐89.8 ⭐
? Subscription modelPaid membershipPaid membershipFreemiumPaid membershipFreemium
Comparison of the most notable Chinese online dating services.

How to succeed in meeting girls on Chinese dating sites?

Dating single Chinese women on dating sites can be a rewarding experience. Here are some practical tips based on personal experiences:

  • Creating a well-curated profile that showcases your personality.
    • Key aspects: A high-quality picture, an engaging bio, and openness about your interests and values.
    • Attention points: Authenticity and clarity.
    • Importance: Your profile is your first impression.
    • Benefits: Attracts potential matches who resonate with your personality and values.
  • Understanding the Chinese dating culture and online etiquette.
    • Key aspects: Respectful communication, understanding gender roles, and showing interest in her culture.
    • Attention points: Learn about Chinese culture and customs.
    • Importance: It shows respect and can build a deeper connection.
    • Benefits: Increased understanding, better communication, and greater chances of success.
  • Learning Chinese language to improve communication.
    • Key aspects: Start with basic greetings and common phrases.
    • Attention points: Practice pronunciation and be patient with yourself.
    • Importance: Overcomes language barriers and shows effort and interest.
    • Benefits: Enhanced communication, understanding, and connection.
  • Scheduling video chats or calls to connect more deeply.
    • Key aspects: Plan a convenient time and ensure a stable internet connection.
    • Attention points: Be attentive, listen actively, and be yourself.
    • Importance: Facilitates deeper understanding and connection.
    • Benefits: Builds trust and lays a foundation for a potential relationship.
  • Developing a personal dating strategy for successful communication.
    • Key aspects: Set your goals, boundaries, and know your deal-breakers.
    • Attention points: Be consistent, respectful, and honest in your approach.
    • Importance: Clarifies your dating goals and keeps you focused.
    • Benefits: Increased chances of finding a suitable match and having a positive dating experience.

How to recognize and avoid scams on Chinese dating sites?

Navigating Chinese dating sites safely requires awareness of potential scams. Here are three types to watch out for:

  • Advanced Fee Fraud Scam
    • Scammers’ Goal: Manipulate you into sending money for bogus reasons.
    • Scammer Behaviour: They might claim to need funds for a visa or flight to meet you.
    • Red Flags: Quick escalation of affection, requests for financial help.
    • Protection: Verify their story, never send money to someone you haven’t met in person.
  • Send Me Money Scam
    • Scammers’ Goal: Extract money by feigning financial crisis.
    • Scammer Behaviour: They might claim a sudden emergency like a sick relative.
    • Red Flags: Urgent requests for financial aid.
    • Protection: Report the user to the site, avoid sending money.
  • Professional Daters (Pro Daters) Scam
    • Scammers’ Goal: Professional daters aim to receive gifts or meals without genuine interest in a relationship.
    • Scammer Behaviour: They may insist on expensive outings or gifts.
    • Red Flags: Persistent demands for gifts or expensive dates.
    • Protection: Be cautious about spending money early in a relationship.

Your security on these platforms is best assured by maintaining vigilance, researching before signing up, verifying profiles, limiting personal information shared, and reporting suspicious activities. Always monitor for unauthorized changes and maintain control over your data and interactions.