Vietnamese Dating Sites & Apps: 5 Best Sites for Long-Term Relationship

Vietnam offers a plethora of commendable online dating applications, yet selecting the most reliable and renowned ones can pose a challenge. In this discussion, we shall delve into the top 5 online dating platforms, all of which boast an extensive pool of Vietnamese women, impeccable repute, and a wide array of supplementary functionalities and services.

best Vietnamese dating sites

TOP 5 Vietnamese dating websites to meet singles from Vietnam online

  • AsianMelodies – the best dating website to meet single Vietnamese marriage-oriented women in the U.S.
  • EasternHoneys – the best Vietnamese niche dating site to use for finding and dating girls from Vietnam in 2023.
  • OrchidRomance – the best Vietnamese dating site for foreigners who want to find a Vietnamese girlfriend.
  • CupiDates – the best online dating platform to chose for both men and women who are interested in finding a Vietnamese partner online.
  • LoverWhirl – the best Vietnamese dating service to find and build a long-term relationship with a Vietnamese woman online.

1. AsianMelodies

AsianMelodies is the best for:

  • Men who are keen on dating Vietnamese women living in the US. It particularly caters to those seeking serious, long-term relationships.
  • Professionals living in the US who appreciate the convenience of online dating. Those with busy schedules will find AsianMelodies’ efficient search functionalities and active user base invaluable.

Our experts’ review of the AsianMelodies:

AsianMelodies is one of the most popular Vietnamese dating websites available right now. The site boasts a considerable female audience from the US, primarily in the age range of 25-40, seeking serious relationships. The unique feature of AsianMelodies is its detailed search functionality. It allows filtering by age, location, relationship type, religion, and ethnicity.

AsianMelodies has a high users’ activity rate, with 65% of female users logging in daily. As for safety, the platform is fully compliant with US laws and employs robust security measures, such as identity verification and fraud detection.

  • 9.9

AsianMelodies’s benefits and unique features:

  • User activity: 65% of the female users are active daily, increasing the chances of finding a match.
  • Advanced search functionality: Filters like age, location, relationship type, religion, and ethnicity to make the search efficient.
  • Safe dating environment: Identity verification process and fraud detection system to ensure the safety of users.
  • Dedicated customer service: Efficient customer service team to handle any queries or issues users may face.
  • Culturally inclusive: Focus on Vietnamese women in the US, facilitating culturally specific dating.

AsianMelodies‘s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteAsianMelodies
Date of launch2017
Available languagesEnglish, Vietnamese
Number of monthly active female users55,000
Number of users by gender40% male, 60% female
Success rate (in %)68%
AsianMelodies statistics.

2. OrchidRomance

OrchidRomance is the best for:

  • Foreign men looking for Vietnamese girlfriends: OrchidRomance is well-curated for those who are interested in dating Vietnamese women.
  • Tech-savvy daters desiring ease of use: OrchidRomance’s user-friendly design and multi-platform functionality make it perfect for men who value simplicity and convenience in their online dating experience.

Our experts’ review of the OrchidRomance:

OrchidRomance is a renowned Vietnamese dating service that hosts a vibrant community of women from Vietnam, Thailand, China, and the Philippines. The age range is broad, with most women aged 25-34, searching for serious relationships. OrchidRomance excels with its easy-to-navigate interface and comprehensive search filters, allowing you to tailor your matches to specific ages, locations, and relationship goals. Furthermore, the service flaunts a healthy gender ratio of 45% male to 55% female users.

Their mobile app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, has earned a 4.5-star rating for its streamlined design and intuitive functionality. The site is also known for its robust customer support, available via email and live chat. OrchidRomance operates within Vietnam and US legal jurisdictions, ensuring user protection through stringent security measures, including identity verification and fraud detection.

  • 9.9

OrchidRomance’s benefits and unique features:

  • Extensive user base: OrchidRomance hosts a vibrant community of women from various Asian countries.
  • In-depth search filters: Fine-tune your match preferences to find your ideal Vietnamese girlfriend.
  • Cross-platform availability: Access OrchidRomance anytime, anywhere through their mobile app or website.
  • High ratings: The mobile app holds a 4.5-star rating on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Reliable customer support: Reach out to the customer support team for any queries or issues via email or live chat.

OrchidRomance‘s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteOrchidRomance
Date of launch2015
Available languagesEnglish
Number of monthly active female users89,000
Number of users by gender45% Male, 55% Female
Success rate (in %)71%
OrchidRomance statistics.

3. EasternHoneys

EasternHoneys is the best for:

  • Men seeking meaningful relationships with Vietnamese ladies. Those searching for loving, traditional Vietnamese girls will find EasternHoneys caters to their needs.
  • Busy professionals who appreciate smooth functionality and seamless user experience. EasternHoneys offers numerous tools and features that make online dating hassle-free and convenient for its users.

Our experts’ review of the EasternHoneys:

EasternHoneys is a niche dating site specialized in connecting western men with Vietnamese women. Most of the women on this platform are between the ages of 25-34, eager for meaningful connections that could lead to long-term relationships or marriage.

Key features of EasternHoneys include an advanced compatibility-based algorithm, enabling accurate and high-quality matches. The site takes into account users’ preferences, interests, and personality traits when suggesting potential partners, leading to a high success rate of 60%.

Moreover, profiles on EasternHoneys are comprehensive and detailed, making it easier for men to learn about potential matches. The site also ensures a safe dating experience through rigorous user verification methods, maintaining a safe platform for all members.

  • 9.9

EasternHoneys’s benefits and unique features:

  • Diverse Communication Tools: Offers tools like instant messaging, video calling, and love letters for a tailored communication experience.
  • ‘Faces’ Feature: Allows users to swipe through profile photos, helping to quickly identify potential matches.
  • Translation Services: Overcomes language barriers, promoting smoother communication.
  • Gift Delivery: Enables users to express their feelings by sending gifts to their loved ones.
  • Customer Support: Provides 24/7 assistance, ensuring user queries are promptly addressed.

EasternHoneys‘s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteEasternHoneys
Date of launch2018
Available languagesEnglish, Vietnamese
Monthly active female users70,000
Users by gender60% female, 40% male
Success rate60%
EasternHoneys statistics.

4. CupiDates

CupiDates is the best for:

  • Those seeking to build a romantic connection with Vietnamese individuals who desire long-term partnerships.
  • Tech-savvy users who value an intuitive app and functionality that simplifies the process of online matchmaking with Vietnamese singles.

Our experts’ review of the CupiDates:

CupiDates is one of the most advanced Vietnamese dating sites with an app that’s quickly gaining popularity among those interested in finding Vietnamese partners. A large part of its audience comprises Vietnamese women in their late twenties and early thirties looking for committed relationships.

Notably, the site operates on a credit-based model, making its premium services accessible per use, with no monthly subscription required. Among the site’s top features, the real-time text chat, virtual gifts, and the ease of use of its communication options stand out.

They ensure a seamless interaction experience between users. Importantly, CupiDates adheres to strict safety measures, including secure SSL encryption and meticulous user verification methods to ensure a safe dating environment.

  • 9.0

CupiDates’s benefits and unique features:

  • Intuitive App: CupiDates offers a user-friendly app available on iOS and Android, with high user ratings across both platforms.
  • Interactive Features: The site offers real-time text chat, enhancing immediate and lively conversation.
  • Language Translation Tool: An innovative translation feature that overcomes the language barrier, ensuring smooth communication.
  • Virtual Gifts: Allows users to send tokens of appreciation, adding fun and excitement to the dating experience.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: Offers a range of convenient options including PayPal, Credit or Debit cards, and Mobile payment.

CupiDates‘s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Website NameCupiDates
Date of Launch2023
Available LanguagesEnglish, Vietnamese
Number of monthly active female users60,000
Number of users by gender45% male, 55% female
Success rate83%
CupiDates statistics.

5. LoverWhirl

LoverWhirl is the best for:

  • Men seeking long-lasting relationships with Vietnamese women who are serious about marriage.
  • Foreigners who appreciate a platform that promotes authenticity and transparency, providing validated profiles of marriage-oriented women from Vietnam and other parts of Asia.

Our experts’ review of the LoverWhirl:

LoverWhirl, a dating platform renowned for Vietnamese matchmaking, welcomes marriage-minded women not only from Vietnam but also from China, Thailand, and the Philippines. Their female members are primarily in their late 20s to early 40s, seeking serious relationships leading to marriage. LoverWhirl excels in ensuring user authenticity, with rigorous email, phone, and ID verification methods in place.

Users find it easy to navigate and appreciate the high profile quality, emphasizing transparency and honesty. With an impressive overall rating of 4.7 stars and a positive review rate of 85%, it’s a reliable platform. Furthermore, a notable 70% of users reported satisfaction with their experience on the platform, with many attributing their successful match to the website’s functionalities.

  • 9.9

LoverWhirl’s benefits and unique features:

  • Authentic Profiles: All profiles undergo rigorous checks to ensure their authenticity.
  • High User Satisfaction: An impressive 85% of users report satisfaction with their dating experience.
  • Visibility Options: Users have control over their profile visibility settings.
  • Profile Viewing Options: Advanced features allow members to see who viewed their profile.
  • Secure Experience: Two-factor authentication enhances security, ensuring a safe dating experience.

LoverWhirl‘s recent statistics (updated in June, 2023):

Name of the websiteLoverWhirl
Date of Launch2018
Available LanguagesEnglish, Vietnamese, Thai
Monthly Active Female Users160,000
Users by Gender40% Male, 60% Female
Success Rate75%
LoverWhirl statistics.

Comparison of the best Vietnamese online dating services

In the comparison table below we compare the five most popular Vietnamese dating services & apps most widely used by online dating enthusiasts around the world to search and communicate with potential Vietnamese partners online. This comparison table of Vietnam dating sites is based on the six most important parameters that are responsible for a positive and safe online dating experience.

Dating WebsiteEasternHoneysAsianMelodiesOrchidRomanceLoverWhirlCupiDates
?‍?‍? Number of monthly active users70,00085,000125,00095,00080,000
? Type of additional matching algorithm usedCompatibility-based algorithmProximity-based algorithmAge-based algorithmRelationship type-based algorithmCompatibility-based algorithm
? Mobile app availability (iOS, Android)No ❌No ❌Yes ✅No ❌Yes ✅
⚖️ Site’s legality in the U.S.Legit ✅Legit ✅Legit ✅Legit ✅Legit ✅
⭐ Overall user ratings9.2 ⭐8.8 ⭐9.1 ⭐8.5 ⭐9.5 ⭐
? Subscription modelPaid membershipFreemiumPaid membershipFreemiumPaid membership
Comparison of the most notable Vietnamese online dating services.

How to succeed in meeting girls on Vietnamese dating sites?

Finding the perfect Vietnamese partner online involves a set of distinct, yet crucial steps. Here are some tips that can significantly enhance your online dating experience:

  • Craft an engaging profile: This is your chance to attract Vietnamese singles. Highlight your interests, hobbies, and what you seek in a relationship. An intriguing profile piques curiosity, encouraging more interactions and matches.
  • Acquaint yourself with Vietnamese dating customs: Understand the norms and etiquette of Vietnamese dating culture. Respect for family values and traditions plays a significant role, fostering stronger connections with potential matches.
  • Learn some Vietnamese: Mastering basic Vietnamese phrases will make your conversations smoother, show your interest in their culture, and impress your potential match. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes about your commitment.
  • Schedule video calls: Face-to-face interactions via video chat allow for more intimate conversations. You can observe body language, facial expressions, and build trust, making the relationship more personal and real.
  • Develop a personal dating strategy: Tailor your approach to your own dating goals and the individual you’re communicating with. Show genuine interest in getting to know them, listen attentively, and respond thoughtfully. This demonstrates respect and interest, leading to more fruitful conversations.

How to recognize and avoid scams on Vietnamese dating sites?

While exploring love opportunities on Vietnamese dating sites, safety should be your top priority. Here are four common scams and how to avoid them:

  • Travel Scam: Scammers lure you into paying for their travel expenses to meet you, but they never show up. Be wary of such requests, especially if the relationship is relatively new.
  • Advanced Fee Fraud: Scammers entice you into investing in seemingly profitable ventures. They demand an upfront fee but disappear after receiving the money. Thoroughly vet all investment opportunities before committing any funds.
  • Romance Scam: Scammers feign love and manipulate you into sending money, gifts, or personal information. Be cautious if the affection seems rushed or your partner avoids meeting in person.
  • Identity Theft: Scammers use personal data obtained from your profile to commit fraud. Limit the information you share, and regularly update your passwords.