Cypriot Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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Cypriot women are a diverse group of individuals that come from one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They have an interesting mix of cultural influences, which is reflected in both their physical features and personality traits. In this article, we will explore what Cypriot women look like, their facial features, as well as their personality traits and beauty standards.

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What do Cypriot Women Look Like?

The first thing to note about Cypriot women is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While there are some commonalities among Cypriot women’s physical appearance, it is important to note that each woman is unique in her own way.

Generally speaking, many Cypriot women tend to have darker hair and eyes than other ethnicities. Hair colors may range from light brown to dark black; eye colors may include shades of blue, green, and brown. Skin tones can vary quite a bit as well – some may be quite pale or dark, depending on their background.

Most Cypriot women tend to be quite petite with smaller frames and delicate features such as high cheekbones, small noses, and pointed chins. This creates a very distinctive image for those hailing from Cyprus!

Cypriot Women

Cypriot Women Facial Features

When examining the facial features of Cypriot women, it becomes apparent that they possess certain distinct characteristics that make them stand out from other ethnicities. For instance, many have almond shaped eyes with curved lower lids giving them an exotic look that has made them popular models throughout history. The eyes are often framed by long lashes that give these ladies a smoldering edge! Their noses tend to be smaller with a slightly rounded tip – not too obvious but present enough to give character to the face! Their cheekbones also tend to be prominent yet soft-looking, which accentuates the face nicely by adding dimensionality.

Physical characteristics of typical Cypriot Woman

Cypriot women have an average height of 164 cm (5 feet 4 inches) and an average weight of 64 kg (141 lb.). Their body shapes predominantly lean towards a pear-shaped category, characterized by a smaller upper torso compared to their lower counterparts. Genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices contribute to variations in their physical characteristics.

Cypriot Women Personality Traits

In addition to having interesting physical features, Cypriot women also tend to possess certain characteristic personality traits which could be attributed to their cultural background and upbringing. Generally speaking, many are known for being hardworking and determined – regardless of what obstacles may come along their way they will persist until they’ve achieved their goal(s). They can also be kind-hearted souls, which combined with their determination makes them formidable forces when faced with any challenge! Besides this though, they are often warm-spirited individuals who enjoy making others feel good through small gestures such as compliments or tiny thoughtful gifts – these ladies truly appreciate the simple pleasures in life! In terms of social interaction, they won’t hesitate to voice an opinion if necessary but overall prefer harmonious interactions over heated debates or confrontations.

Cypriot Women Are Very Open-Minded

One of the most defining characteristics of Cypriot women is their openness to embracing different cultures, opinions, and ideas. They are not afraid to explore new experiences or challenge conventional wisdom in order to gain a deeper understanding of any given subject. This quality makes them highly adaptable in ever-changing circumstances and often leads them toward uncovering fresh insights into otherwise overlooked topics and areas of inquiry.

Additionally, the open-mindedness of Cypriot women extends beyond just exploring new ideas – it can also apply to relationships. Many Cypriots are accepting of others regardless of who they are or what kind of relationship dynamics exist between them. From same-sex couples to people from different backgrounds or religions, these ladies demonstrate a willingness to be accepting and tolerant – qualities that should be admired!

Cypriot Women Enjoy Socializing With Friends And Family

Another trait shared amongst many Cypriot women is their love for socializing with those around them – whether it be family members or close friends. Whether hosting a meal at home or going out for drinks with loved ones, these ladies know how to make people feel comfortable and welcome no matter where they’re located! Additionally, many consider hospitality to be an important part of entertaining visitors in Cyprus as they believe it’s important to show respect when someone has traveled far away from home just to visit you!

Cypriot Women Are Friendly

Perhaps one of the most endearing traits attributed to many Cypriot women is simply that they are friendly individuals that enjoy forming relationships with those around them. Regardless if it’s meeting someone new or continuing an established relationship; these ladies exude warmth when interacting with those near them – making everyone feel like they could just relax and have a good time no matter what environment you find yourself in!

Cypriot Beauty Standards

The beauty standards amongst Cypriots can vary widely depending on where you find yourself on the island as different regions can have differing values when it comes to matters such as aesthetics or body type preferences etc.. Generally speaking though many regard petite figures with soft features (high cheekbones/small nose etc) as attractive – although different niches within society could judge beauty based on things such as wealth status or education level etc so always take all socio-economic factors into account!


To summarize then we can see that Cyprus has produced some fine examples of beautiful females over the ages largely in part due not only physical attributes but also personality traits attributed via culture & upbringing . A combination of these works together creating someone unique worth getting to know better!.


What Makes Cypriot Women Unique?

Cypriot women are known for their unique appearance and personality traits. They have long dark hair, tanned skin, and almond shaped brown eyes. Their personalities are often described as warm and friendly. They are also known to be passionate, determined, and ambitious.

How do Cypriot Women Dress?

Cypriot women tend to dress in traditional Cypriot clothing such as skirts, blouses, headscarves, and sandals. As fashion trends change, however, some younger generations of Cypriot women incorporate more Western styles into their everyday looks.

What is the Role of Cypriot Women in Society?

In most parts of Cyprus, Cypriot women play a vital role in maintaining the traditional family structure. They are often seen as the head of the household who take care of family matters and play a key role in passing on culture to their children. They also work to provide for their families in many ways such as running small businesses or taking part in agriculture work.

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