Palestinian Women features – appearance and personality

Updated on Apr 2023
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When talking about Palestinian women, many people immediately think of their strength and resilience in the face of tremendous hardship. But there is much more to these women than meets the eye. From their unique appearance to their distinct personality traits, Palestinian women are remarkable individuals who have much to be admired. In this article, we will explore what Palestinian women look like, their facial features, and their personality traits as well as beauty standards that are held by society.

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What do Palestinian women look like?

Palestinian women come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds which can influence how they appear. Generally speaking though, most Palestinian women tend to have olive-toned skin and dark hair. Many also have brown eyes, but blue or green eyes can be seen. Their facial features are delicate but sharp, with high cheekbones and full lips often being prominent features on many faces.

Palestinian Women

Palestinian Women Facial Features

The most distinctive feature of a typical Palestinian woman would be her strong eyebrows which often curl outward and go up towards the temples. This adds an air of mystery to many eyes while making them look alluring in the process! Another recognizable feature is that their noses are generally small but prominent and typically slightly hooked at the end with a tip that curves downwards slightly at the nostrils.

Physical characteristics of typical Palestinian Woman

Palestinian women typically possess an average height of 159 cm (5 feet 2.5 inches) and an average weight of 68 kg (150 lbs). Their body shapes display diversity, with many exhibiting a pear-shaped figure, a common trait among Levantine women. In contrast, Jordanian women share similar average heights, but often present a more hourglass figure. Palestinian women’s physical attributes result from their genetic makeup and adaptation to the region’s environmental conditions, differentiating them from neighboring populations.

Palestinian Women Personality Traits

Alongside physical appearances, there are certain distinct personality traits, which can help identify a typical Palestinian woman too! Those with this background tend to display great courage in difficult situations while also demonstrating strong leadership abilities when it comes to problem solving or taking charge during times of stress or crisis. This can be attributed in part to the fact that they often live in areas where turmoil and conflict are very common, so having these skills is essential for survival or even thriving in such an environment. Additionally, many possess an unwavering faithfulness towards family members and friends, which only further reinforces the bonds between them all over time!


Palestinian women are strong, courageous individuals who have faced tremendous adversity and yet still persevere. From their unique physical appearance to their distinct personality traits, these women are often open-minded, friendly and enjoy socializing with friends and family. In this article, we will explore the open-mindedness of Palestinian women, how they enjoy socializing with those around them as well as the friendliness that characterizes these remarkable individuals.

Palestinian Women Are Very Open-Minded

Despite living in a region fraught with conflict and hardship, Palestinian women remain incredibly open-minded in regards to ideas, cultures, and societies from all around the world. This is due in part to the fact that many are exposed to different cultures through books and media, which can help broaden one’s perspective significantly! As a result of this exposure, these individuals tend to be quite welcoming to any visitor they come across while also displaying an appreciation for other people’s opinions/beliefs – even if oppositional at times. Additionally, many are willing to take on new challenges or confront novel situations head on – often displaying great courage in doing so!

Palestinian Women Enjoy Socializing With Friends and Family

In addition to being very open-minded towards strangers from other lands, Palestinian women also enjoy spending time with their friends and family greatly! Whether it’s running errands together or simply having a good laugh over coffee (or tea!) – these ladies know how to have fun no matter what situation life throws their way! Additionally, there is plenty of vibrant nightlife throughout various cities where food stalls serve up tasty delicacies such as shawarma or kebabs – another popular pastime which helps bring cheer despite personal struggles or conflicts taking place all around them.

Palestinian Women Are Friendly

It goes without saying that Palestinians are known for being tremendously friendly regardless of whether they’re talking to someone from “the outside” or not – though naturally gentle hospitality towards visitors should always be expected! Amongst themselves however, Palestinians tend to demonstrate great warmth when interacting; typically, conversations spark up easily, whether just on the street corner

Palestinian Beauty Standards 

Though beauty standards vary depending on culture and tradition, there are general ideals held by society when it comes to what is considered attractive among Palestinians as well. Generally speaking, darker skin tones with natural looking makeup (if any) is preferred as it highlights the person’s facial features without detracting from them too much (i.e., avoiding overdoing foundation/powder, etc.). Longer wavy locks which frame one’s face tenderly yet command respect or attention can also add something special when it comes to aesthetics for a female from this region too!


In conclusion, Palestinian women represent resilience through hardship and strive for better lives despite countless obstacles that may try to stand in their way – both physical and metaphorical alike ! From their stunning physical attributes paired with distinct personalities and respective beauty standards – these people need no introduction when it comes down to who they truly hold within themselves; strength combined with intelligence make for an absolute force not easily reckoned with!


What do typical Palestinian people look like?

Palestinian individuals usually exhibit physical features such as olive to light brown skin tones, dark brown or black hair, and brown eyes, reflecting the region's climate and ancestry. Their facial characteristics often include high cheekbones, full lips, and a straight nose, denoting a shared heritage with other Levantine populations. These features set Palestinian individuals apart from nearby ethnic groups, such as the more dark-skinned Gulf Arabs.

What are typical features of Palestinian females?

Palestinian females commonly display unique physical and facial features, including long, dark hair and captivating brown eyes. Their facial structure often showcases high cheekbones, full lips, and a straight, prominent nose, which contribute to their distinctive appearance. Furthermore, many Palestinian women have a pear-shaped figure, accentuated by traditional clothing such as the thobe. These features differentiate them from other regional populations, like the typically dark-skinned and more rounded-featured Gulf Arab women.

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