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Updated on Mar 2023
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Baltic women are exceptional and extraordinary. They are not like any other European beauties. Being very attractive and seductive, Estonian women combine strength and femininity. Girls in Estonia are very diverse. And you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that they can have blonde and dark hair, and light or brown eyes. So, don’t waste time thinking! Go on and find out what Estonian beauty looks like.

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What Do Estonian Girls Look Like?

If you imagine a typical Estonian woman, she will definitely have blonde hair, light eyes, and a graceful figure. She will look at you with shrewd eyes and smile pleasantly at you. She will be full of self-confidence and pride. Doesn’t it sound perfect? Indeed, Estonian people features are quite unique. Thanks to Estonian genetic traits, local women possess incredible natural features. Every woman in this country has her own style and feeling of beauty. And you will never find Estonian beauties doing make-up every morning for long hours. A bit of mascara and lipstick will be more than enough to emphasize the natural beauty of these women.

Apart from having unique Estonian face features, local ladies also have attractive figures. They are of medium height as well as athletic. However, you don’t have to worry about that. Pretty Estonian women know how to be strong and feminine at the same time. And that is what men from around the globe really like about Estonian females.

Estonian Women Features

Beautiful Women From Estonia: Character Traits

What do Estonian women look like from within? Are they kind-hearted? Will they treat foreigners in a welcoming way? These and more questions might appear in your head when you think about meeting gorgeous Estonian women. And that is not surprising as many beautiful girls just don’t treat their boyfriends respectfully. But not Estonian women. Find out the truth for yourself below.

  • Typical Estonian women are all family-orientated. From early childhood, they dream about having a happy family: a loving husband and kind children. Since this is the highest value for Estonians, they attach great importance to family creation.
  • Local females are quite independent. Even though beautiful Estonian women live inclined toward a patriarchal way of life, they are quite independent at the same time. They achieve higher education, work for well-paid jobs and climb the career ladder. And this doesn’t stop them from building a healthy life-work balance.
  • Estonian chicks are diverse. This morning your girl will think about quitting her job and another morning she will look for freelance possibilities. And that is what you have to expect from local girls. They are so diverse and mysterious so you will never predict their further steps.
  • Ladies from Estonia are high-disciplined. If you think that an Estonian woman will not wake up for jogging at 6 AM – you are completely wrong. Estonia beautiful women are highly motivated to achieve the goals they set for themselves. And that is quite a positive trait for any aspect of life.

Personality Of Average Estonian Women

As you might have already spotted, even a pretty Estonian woman has a strong character and powerful nature. But what are Estonian women like in terms of individual nature? Learn it from the points below!

They Are Open-Minded

Even if you are a foreigner, you can speak with an Estonian lady about everything. They are quite open to learning about new cultures and experiencing new feelings. Moreover, if you want to discuss a controversial theme with an Estonian lady, she will be a perfect interlocutor for you.

They Are Kind-Hearted

Estonian features of kindness and compassion are inherent in all girls of the country. When you meet an average Estonian woman, you can be sure that she will treat you with the greatest respect. And this kindness can be visible in all aspects of life. These angels-like beauties make the work around them heaven.

They Are Passionate

When an Estonian lady finds something interesting for her, she will dedicate all her time to achieving success in that deal. However, Estonian girls are not always passionate about careers or hobbies. They dedicate themselves to parenting and housekeeping with the same energy.

Estonian Traits Physical: How The Ladies Look Like

There is a certain myth that exists about the physical characteristics of Estonian people. Typical Estonian girls are all tall and blonde. And this is the time to debunk this myth! Let’s see what the truth is about a typical Estonian woman body.

  • They have curvy figures. The first association you will get when you spot a local lady is that she is a curvy all natural Estonian woman. And this incredible feature is given to Estonian girls from genetics and a healthy lifestyle.
  • They are blond. Estonian women hair is blond. Of course, there will be many exceptions. But typical ladies from Estonia will have blond hair.
  • They have fair skin. Local beauties can be easily recognized among other girls by their fair skin. Imagine how charming it looks to date an Estonian woman who looks like an angel!
Pretty Estonian women

Estonian Appearance: Facial Features

After reading all the paragraphs above you might have created a certain image in your head about an Estonian woman. However, there is a section you need to know more about. What do Estonian eyes look like? What does an Estonian nose look like? We have got you! Just find the answers below!

Estonian Facial FeaturesDescription
EyesIf you look at the average Estonian face, you will find out that almost all women have light eyes: blue or green. And this can not but rejoice.
NoseEstonian facial features nose is high and narrow. And that makes an Estonian woman face even more attractive.
LipsLadies from Estonia have very seductive big lips that you will definitely want to kiss.

Estonian Fashion And Style

Since you decide to date a local girl, you have to know more about the Estonian women style. Girls in Estonia value clothes for their practicality and consumer-friendliness. However, this is not everything you should know about fashion in Estonia.

  1. Quality is a priority. Famous Estonian women choose clothes by their quality. They don’t give much attention to luxury design or expensive brands. The main purpose of the cloth is to be of high quality.
  2. Minimalism is everything. For Estonian women, it is important to save the minimalistic manner in everything, especially when it comes to clothes. They might be worn in simple clothes but the beauty is in simplicity. Moreover, these ladies also buy fewer clothes because quantity is not what Estonian style is about.
  3. Natural materials are preferable. Every woman from Estonia values nature. And natural materials for clothes are most preferable. Since they allow them to feel comfortable they are also very healthy for the body.


What Does a Typical Estonian Woman Look Like?

A typical lady from Estonia looks like an angel. An Estonian woman face features are the following: she has light eyes, blond hair, and fair skin. As for their physical appearance, these ladies are quite tall and strong. They have curvy figures and sporty bodies. But together with that, these ladies are very tender and kind-hearted.

How to Spot an Estonian Woman?

The easiest way to meet an Estonian girl is to visit the dating platforms. There, you can find your beloved girl from Estonia and start dating her. However, there should be a physical connection for serious relationships. And if you feel that this girl is your special one, buy a ticket to Estonia, and create your own history of happiness.

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