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Updated on Mar 2023

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It can be challenging to find a nice bride in our time. The institution of marriage is almost destroyed in most of western counties. And many men are struggling to meet a future wife. Luckily, Europe has an immense population where family-oriented women are not rare.

Thanks to dating sites and marriage agencies, you can choose your love out of millions of European wives. It is not as difficult as a lot of people think.

Features Of European Brides For Marriage

European girls are one of the best candidates for the role of future wife. After all, local women combine a various number of qualities. Europe is huge both in size and population. And in recent decades, this content has become quite diversified. Depending on the nationality and region, a man can find a partner with any character traits and appearance. At the same time, foreigners identify four characteristics of women from any European country:

  • practical
  • sociable
  • independent
  • active

european girl for marriage


Generally speaking, throughout most of Europe, local brides prefer convenience to beauty. European wives choose comfortable shoes and loose clothes, in contrast, elegant dresses and stilettos are worn on holidays, for business dinners, and when going out. What is remarkable about beautiful European woman, is makeup and manicure. It plays an important role in their image, which distinguishes them from latinas or asians. In many other parts of the world, the famous proverb: “It’s what shows up on the surface that counts” perfectly characterizes those women. Ladies in Latin America or China find it important in what dress, with what handbag, and in what shoes the girl is going out. The styling, decoration, and perfume aroma are analyzed in detail. In Europe, everything is completely different. Most European mail order brides have perfect manicure and makeup, but at the same time they are dressed in simple jeans, sneakers, and their hair is gathered in an uncomplicated bun.

They Are Sociable

Modern European girls are very sociable. They quickly make acquaintances, spend a large amount of time communicating on social networks and try to avoid being alone. You can’t say the same for example, about Middle-eastern girls. Today, those ladies have become much more active than 10-20 years ago, however, they would prefer to first look at a person before meeting him. And staying at home and watching a movie or TV serial on their only day off, is a way more popular activity. European girls for marriage, on the other hand, not only a few times a week update their account on the Internet, but often seeking love online.


The expression “count only on yourself!” is the motto of almost every modern girl. Girls from Europe begin to work early, spend less time on maternity leave and vehemently defend their rights. In other countries, the ideal family is still considered to be the one where the man is the head of the family, the defender, and breadwinner, and the woman is the keeper of the house. Although, the trend of partnerships and equality of responsibilities is increasingly evident in all modern local families.


Typical European woman is an active individual. Local girls, as they say, are fast as lightning. They can make a decision in five minutes to meet with a friend in a coffee shop, go to the cinema and pack a backpack in an hour and go on a trip. This is explained by the difference in lifestyle, level of wages, and mentality. Nevertheless, the culture, customs, and traditions of each European nation are beautiful in their own way and perfectly complement the picture of the modern world. But men who are dating local women call them, “the most active of all”.

How To Find A European Bride?

Many men who want to find a charming bride from Europe do not know where to start such a search. The task seems too complex and monumental. It is difficult to understand where to start and what search methods exist. But in reality, the process of finding a European mail order bride is much simpler than it seems at first glance. All you have to do is decide on your needs and capabilities.

Among the most common options of finding a bride are four main:

  • social networks;
  • dating sites;
  • marriage agencies;
  • travel to Europe.

Each of the options has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, each method should be considered separately, noting both positive and negative aspects.

Social networks are a way to get acquainted with the largest database of potential brides. Almost any European single woman has a profile on one of the social networks and is open to online communication. The advantage of this option is access to tens of millions of candidates, and many meet in this way. But at the same time, it is worth noting two main disadvantages. First, finding a bride on social media requires a lot of free time. And secondly, not all of those who have a profile on Facebook or Instagram want a serious relationship.

Dating sites are extremely popular nowadays. And although the number of users is slightly less than on social networks, many European looking for marriage online. The target audience is the main advantage of dating sites. It is worth noting the ability to search for various characteristics, such as age, eye color, height and so on. The disadvantage of dating sites is the same as social networks – time consumption.

find European girls

Marriage agencies are similar in principle to the previous method. But at the same time, using the services of marriage agencies save a significant amount of time. Instead of the client, specialists are engaged in this process. The downside of such time savings is financial costs.

Finding a partner while visiting Europe is a classic move. This option of finding a European wife is popular among men visiting this continent with work or vacation purposes. It is interesting, romantic and allows a man to feel the adventure. There are several disadvantages of this option – it’s financial costs and time and uncertainty of the result.

The Price Of Finding A European Bride

Above we have considered four main ways to find European girls. But it is also worth noting the approximate cost of each option. After all, this is also a very important aspect of starting a relationship:

  • The most popular and optimal in terms of price and chances of success are dating sites. There are many such resources, so you can choose the most appropriate. Such platforms services prices range from $ 15 to $ 45 per month;
  • As we mentioned earlier, the services of marriage agencies will save the client’s time but will cost much more than dating sites. Usually, the services of such specialists will cost 200-500 US dollars. And with an additional fee, the agency will help organize dates, flights, book various services and wedding ceremonies. This is an extra reason why women looking for husband with the help of marriage agencies;
  • Traveling to Europe to find a bride is a common practice. It’s quite expensive – at least a few thousand dollars, but extremely exciting. By the way, men often meet European women through free social networks, and meet while traveling. This method can turn into an extraordinary adventure.

Where To Find A European Bride?

Online search is the most common and popular, because it does not require leaving the comfort zone. You can meet single ladies looking for marriage while sitting on your favorite sofa. Instead, adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts prefer a trip to Europe. But is there an acceptable solution for those who do not want to go to such extremes? There is a way out, although it will not suit everyone.

Women from Europe live in all parts of the world and on all continents. Many of them live in North America. Therefore, many men are looking for potential brides attending celebrations or themed parties of Europeans from different countries. Such events can be easily found on social networks or local community sites. In this way you can meet your future wife without visiting Europe. Often, European women looking for American men as a life partner.


As you learned in this review, it is a great idea to marry a European woman. Not only a typical lady from this continent is beautiful, well-mannered, and seductive which is a fantastic combination by itself. But also local brides have everything needed for becoming an amazing wife and mother. Additionally, since Europe is a rich and developed region, its women seeking American men for relationships rather than money.

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