Mail Order Marriage Statistics: No Mere Words

Updated on Apr 2023

Keeping on the move without borders is the latest trend, affecting private spheres of feeling and emotions. The mail order marriage statistics prove the popularity of online acquaintances for the purposes of marriages. Thus, 25% of British gentlemen use dating apps to find meaningful connections. Canada demonstrates the same rate. The United States follows closely with 17% of men from 18 to 55+ years old seeking partners online. Note that a third of those people are young and mature guys up to 54 years old. The mail order bride statistics in Australia also look impressive, revealing 4,500,000 singles into dating online every year.

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What about women? Most appealing cuties who managed to enjoy their happiness in the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and Europe are from the Philippines, Ukraine, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Russia.

Foreign Bride Happiness Rate: Up or Down?

In what way do mail order marriages work? Speaking of technical moments, they are a breeze. All beautiful ladies you like the most. Once you meet someone who takes your breath away, start dating and develop your relationships.

However, what is the mail order bride success rate? It would be good to know the truth and understand the real value of virtual romantics. You’ll find many happy stories on the Web, but it’s hard to evaluate global success because of different mentalities, local laws, localities, and other determinants. For example, the long-distance thing is common in big cities but still in its infancy in rural areas. Now, let’s see trends in various countries, where most males found their spouses abroad, and the marriage score is through the roof:

  • 17% of American couples are cross-ethnic, finding each other in different parts of the world.
  • 30% of the Hispanic population in the USA have spouses from Latin, South, and Central America. Their relationships last for 20 years on average.
  • 25% of South Korean marriages imply one spouse from overseas.
  • Over 1,000 American-Chinese weddings are registered in Shanghai.
  • 50,000 international marriages were registered in Russia.

What is the mail order bride success? Do all those people really find love, or are they scattered to the wind? Well, of course, things can be different. We are all humans, and not that we are strangers to ourselves. However, online dating facts and statistics look very promising and optimistic:

According to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, couples resulting from online meetups are more successful than spouses who have met in a traditional way. 80% of these online-dating romances and marriages have lasted over the years.

mail order marriage statistics

How Many Mail Order Marriages End in Divorce

Almost half of the registered users of various web-based dating apps believe that online dating is the safest and most reliable way to meet the right partner. Others still use online dating apps to find flings, flirt, communicate, and chat. However, many do not exclude the possibility of serious relationships.

Since the trend is obvious, let’s look at the dark side and reveal how many mail order marriages end in divorce. Generally, the stats may surprise you. It turns out that mail-order marriages’ divorce rate is nearly 37% compared to 48% in the USA. The divorce rate in other countries is even lower.

As you see, seeking a wife and a husband in other countries online is a fruitful and workable trend that makes people happier and closer to each other’s cultural backgrounds. Unlike politics, dating removes borders and ruins walls between peoples, nations, and races.


How Successful Are Mail Order Marriages?

Mail order bride facts prove that it is easy to find a bride abroad, date her, and marry her thanks to modern digital techs. Moreover, couples are very successful in family ties, mutual understanding, and long-lasting love. The success rate is high because men and women started realizing the advantages and fascination of foreign cultures. They learn to understand each other and share their native traditions to remove the last barriers.

What Percentage of Mail Order Marriages Ends in Divorce?

The mail order bride divorce rate is very low and accounts for 15%. The highest rate is in the United States, where the percentage reaches 41%. However, it is still lower than traditional couples’ rate. Still, many divorces among international souses happen not because of their national, racial, or cultural difference. Pretty often, problems and hardships they cannot overcome are as bland as other couples experience.

Are Mail Order Spouses Legit?

What is the mail order bride info regarding legitimacy? Don’t worry. Everything is completely legit worldwide. Some differences may be noticed in regulations, but it relates to marital laws unique for every country. In other words, you can safely choose a lady online, visit her, date her, or invite her to your place. At the same time, you have to check the law, various regulations, and rules to contract your relationships. You can find the necessary information on embassies’ sites to collect the right papers or apply to the lawyer to facilitate and speed up the process.

Do Mail Order Brides Get Divorced?

Foreign brides may get divorced like all people on this planet. The reasons are different, from failed expectations to a deliberate lie. However, mail order brides’ divorce rate is lower because most women understand that there’s no going back. That’s why they are wise and rational, trying to solve conflicts diplomatically. As a rule, foreign wives are ready to work on things and smooth the edges to avoid confrontation.

Do People Actually Get Mail Order Brides?

Of course, they do. However, the outcome depends on the service used to set contacts. If you apply to a heavily vetted agency or sign up for well-established bride dating websites, the results will be about what they should be. However, much depends on men. They should be active, respectful, polite, and loyal to find a life partner from their dreams.

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